The Longing That Still Keeps Shadowing

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9 months ago

It's now 10 years since I left that place, a place very far from my homeland. This place is located at the western tip of the island of Java. The atmosphere is very difficult to forget because the people are very friendly and the condition of the area that makes me very amazed, well the place was nicknamed the city of boards because at that time all the buildings and roads were built of wood on mud. A place that is one of the places most people go to try their luck, including me, a place that gives me so many memories and experiences.

After graduating from high school I went there with the aim of looking for work, because the reason to find work in my hometown was very difficult, with strong intentions and determination I ventured to migrate. And occupied I began to know how hard life and struggle to survive. Being very far from my parents and extended family, it turned out to be very difficult and could not make me last long there. However, the experience of living overseas and associating with people from various regions has given me a very valuable experience.

The feeling of longing for the atmosphere of that place sometimes comes to me, a distance that can only be reached by walking and cycling without land vehicles that use fuel. Residents' houses are lined up neatly all made of boards. Ah I really miss that atmosphere, a very difficult place to go back to.

Although I will never go back there again, but the memories while there will be an experience that will never be forgotten I will proudly tell my friends that I am proud and grateful that I have lived there, A place that gives so many memories and places who taught me the meaning of struggle and the severity of separation from family, That place will always be missed from here, from the place where I was born.

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