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1 year ago

Since childhood, my mother instilled the advice that coffee is synonymous with parents. Therefore, in one house only my father made coffee every morning and evening. One large blirik glass in the form of black coffee is made from coffee beans mixed with roasted rice added with crushed ginger.

Of course, my mother's children - myself included - occasionally took a sneaky sip of the coffee. The taste is good: sweet and fresh ginger.

My friend always makes a cup of black coffee (before there was no slang coffee like now) to accompany him to study, especially to prepare for exams. And I wonder why young people like him drink coffee.

Drinking in the morning on an empty stomach is not a good thing. I have a stomach ache and my chest is pounding. After that, I never drank coffee again. When there is a meeting at the coffee shop, I always order a drink other than coffee, usually tea.

Years go by and I always try to love coffee. Especially when I hear the sound when my friend is sipping coffee: slurrpppp with a very delicious tone. Not to mention the status on his messenger which always implies the tempting smell of coffee. As a result, I tried to taste Kapal Api coffee. It smells really good as advertised on television.

I made the black coffee as thin as possible with lots of sugar. Of course the stomach must be filled with food first so as not to trigger an ulcer and heart palpitations. The light coffee I consume includes the Torabika Cappuccino.

I think this is a breakthrough for Sachet Coffee, because it displays the sensation of cafe-style coffee: there is a kind of foam in the mix (Maybe I'm a victim of an advertisement).

I've been admiring this brand for a long time (even now there's a sachet in my bag). I'm so proud of my uncomplicated taste in coffee: cheap.

Until then, there was a contemporary coffee boom, which is said to have been triggered by the film Filosofi Kopi. Since I still had a hard time understanding what good coffee tasted like, I didn't participate in the explosion.

I'm not really into coffee yet, but I'm trying to understand it. At least through this expression: from coffee, we can learn that even the bitter taste (of life) can be enjoyed.

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1 year ago