Greetings Twilight

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1 year ago

Greetings twilight that goes on

veranda hillside

dance like a butterfly

accompany the beetle

kiss the rose petals

with petals longing until the light steps into the twilight

the beautiful one

Beautiful twilight greetings to

the shade of the forest that is chanted


about the song of the birds

jump on the branch

chirp like a handsome angel blowing the flute of life

until the vibration of the soul soars in


Beautiful twilight greetings to the noise

ocean waves that wet the coral

to the seagull's singing


dance like an angel

wearing a rainbow necklace to shake the feeling of longing

Beautiful twilight greetings to

the firmness of the clapping mountain


of a beautifully painted sky curtain

spread out on a soft cloud

cotton rumbles the sense of beauty that

not falling...

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