Don't Come Back ( Again )

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1 year ago

The nights after you left, there was darkness untouched by moonlight. a pair of estranged eyeballs in a box of red space in the sky figuratively visualizing. I like to live every breath and exhale one by one, in order to drive away dreams that are reluctant to come until morning. awake while regretting that you are the convict for the decapitation of my feelings.

Is it because I love you that you are smart to share your heart?

Sorry...this is sorry for myself, forgive me for having doubts at the time. which I thought would not be able to remove your name is missing from the beating of my heart. now, it was debris after rubble that was blown flat by the wind. doesn't sound sick, I will remember you, as a great lover. because I've been so messed up.

My great lover. Now, when you ask for a place in my heart again. Sorry, I'm not doubting you. I just don't want any pain when I hear your name later.

I think it's enough just once, because I really can't for the second time make you, who is so beautiful, a convict.

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