Choosing Friends

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As we age, we are often faced with several choices. One of them is choosing friends. There is a saying that we should be friends with everyone. In fact in everyday life friends do come and go. Could be for various reasons but generally can be divided into two. We who choose to stay away or vice versa, our friends who choose to go in a different direction. There's nothing wrong with choosing friends, sometimes it even has to be done.

Of course, this should not be misunderstood, then it becomes a curt and arrogant person to people we do not associate as friends. Smile, say hello, greeting. The slogan that may be the last time we are still wearing the white and gray uniform will actually always be relevant in every age range. Being friendly and being kind to each other feels like it's not only necessary to do to your playmates, but to every creature who also shares a place to live with us on earth.

There are several scientific studies that reveal a number of reasons why it turns out that choosing friends can support our well-being. The first reason is the results of research from Duke University, United States. Research conducted in 2013 states that making friends with people who have a strong will can affect our attitude towards achieving goals. Everyone is free to have different views in interpreting the purpose of life. Some tend to be ambitious, some choose to go with the flow of life. For those of you who may feel that you have too little self-control, making friends with more ambitious people might help you to be more balanced.

On the other hand, having too many friends without healthy relationships can also lead to increased levels of depression in us. Social media for example, this technology actually allows us to get more friends that we can find in the real world.

Unfortunately, not everyone can manage this digital friendship well, some of us sometimes feel burdened with all the information that is abundant when making friends via the internet. Of course, we have often heard that on social media people will only show the best side they want to show, even though sometimes the information appears too quickly so that we already process all the information in the brain which can cause stress afterwards.

The last reason why we need to choose friends is because our environment also has a role in making decisions in life. It could be as simple as a lunch menu, or a choice of an afternoon snack between cilok or boba. Then it can be a more important choice such as majoring in college to the choice of financial investment methods. It's also important to choose friends who can remind us to keep having fun in life, after all, we're not just working robots. We also need people who remind us that we don't need to and will never be perfect.

So, if it feels like our childhood friends are slowly drifting away, we still have control over the decisions we make. We can fight back if we feel that's what we need, or agree to go our separate ways. Still saying hello is just as important as agreeing to walk separately, just saying happy birthday or new year can also be done, even though you no longer decide to share worries, at least to appreciate the time that was spent. Choosing friends does not matter, there is no wrong party but just different goals.

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