Can't cry when sad

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10 months ago

Crying is a common expression when someone is feeling sad. Even so, not everyone can easily shed tears when his heart feels sad though. Have you ever encountered it or have you ever experienced it? Of course, this condition makes you wonder why you can never cry under any circumstances.

Crying is a form of overflowing one's emotions. However, in some cases, a person cannot shed tears even when he feels deep sadness. Launching from, this seems to be influenced by several things, such as trauma, the form of emotion that is being experienced, and others.

If we find it difficult to shed tears even though we are in a sad condition, it is mentioned that this could be related to clinical issues such as side effects from eye surgery, inflammation, consumption of certain drugs or hormone injections, to inflammation in the body.

Even though we already have the concept that we are in a sad state, sometimes our mind or brain does not really feel the sadness so it is difficult to cry. In fact, for people who experience depression or feelings of sadness that are very severe, they are actually no longer related to personal emotional factors that ultimately make them unable to cry.

Meanwhile, health expert Karen Koenig says emotional crying really needs a touch on someone's feelings. Unfortunately, due to health problems such as depression, the brain will have difficulty understanding or deepening emotions. This is what makes it difficult for us to shed tears.

In addition, Koening also said that most people who suffer from trauma find it difficult to cry because they feel ashamed to do so. If you are one of those people who feel that they are experiencing emotional disturbances that make it difficult to cry, then it's a good idea to seek help such as a doctor or psychiatrist.

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