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The 5 P's of Life

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6 months ago

There are special P’s in our life that by applying these can really transform your life not just for the good but for the best of everything. As we go through living in our life, it is very important to seek that peace not just in our minds but also in our hearts. So here are the most important 5 P’s of life that is truly beneficial to everyone that we can use in our daily lives.

• Prayer

One of the most important about life is the great communication between you and God. Nothing is greater than the relationship between you and God through prayers. It’s the great bond that connects you with the Lord. This is the way to experience God in our life. It’s deepened and developed our relationship with Him. When you pray to God properly and when it comes from the heart, He will surely give you what you need on how to deal with your circumstances.

• Passion

Living in this world, you need to live your life with passion. You need to seek it. It’s the fuel that creates a fire within your heart to go through. You need to immerse yourself in the feeling of being alive and optimistic to pursue the things that you love. Passion gives you a reason to learn and to work harder. And it is somehow the key to happiness despite all the struggles in reaching your dreams and your ambitions. It’s definitely giving a meaningful structure to your efforts and time.

• Purpose

When you know about you’re purpose in life you definitely found your passion. You need to live your life every day, empowered and fueled by the passion that you have that becomes the biggest purpose of your life. Purpose serves as a guide in life decision-making; it sharpens goals and gives a meaningful direction in our life.

• Peace

The passion that empowers your purpose will be your source of peace. The fact that peace brings a different kind of happiness- a very genuine atmosphere that lets us sleep sounds at night that every one of us deserves every night. Peace calms our minds and allows us to look forward to a clearer path that helps us focus on our goals.

• Privacy

Privacy is everything. It gives us peace and space to be ourselves without any judgment. It also gives us and allows us to think freely without any judgments. Always remember that privacy is power, it is the key that unlocks the many aspects in our life that are most important, intimate, that makes most of you and most vulnerable. Privacy also sets boundaries and barriers that protect us from everything, especially for the things that can ruin our peace.

In dealing with life, though life is not perfect as it is, I, therefore, realized that these having these 5 P’s everything will fall perfectly. Despite everyone seeing life differently, we should not forget how God sees us as His child. These 5 P’s are useless without God that guides us through everything.

How about you? What are the 5P’s that you believe that you must have?

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Written by   63
6 months ago
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Those are all essential, Teacher Jen :)

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6 months ago

Thankyou Bloghound 🤗 May your life be bless with all these kind of P's. 🤗

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6 months ago