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20 facts on Human Psychology

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6 months ago

Human Psychology is always interesting. The facts are really wondering. Some of them are below:

1. Humman can not complete a task with it's necessary required exact time. So if you want to complete any task, you have to take less time then it's required.

2. If someone ignores ones messeges or texts 9and then he texts back after a long time. That means he wants to ask you a question.

3. If you cook only whenver you are feeling hungry, then you will notice this matter that your hunger is decreased. So most of the time we see our mothers have less hunger than us. Because they cook for us.

4. People do not accept others suggestions easily. So if you want others to accept your suggestion then you have to be humble with them and understand them humbly.

5. Human minds basically change on their physical heath. If you will be physically in pain, then your mind become sad most of the time.

6. They who are really very concerned about on looks. Usually most of them has an average mind.

7. Human brain works on commands. How you will command your brain, your brain will run through that way. It will follow your command.

8. The blue color can decrease human's heartbeat rate, and control the high pressure problem. So most of the busy and pressured people spend a few time regular in swimming pools blue water. That give them a relief. And some people do it with the blue sky. The nature lover persons spend a time to see the blue sky. That helps them to feel good.

9. The people who have a phobia of laughing often. Even they laugh in serious matters. They are patients of Galiophobia.

10. Very often when people think about a new friendship or relationship, they have ghost dreams. It is a kind of alert to them for the new relation.

11. If human start to make money from anything, they became addicted to that thing.

12. If people have a fight in a group. Then 70% people of that group have no connection with that fight. But they are in it for others.

13. If you are forgetting your daily activities at your early age that doesn't mean that your brain became weak. It means that you are in love. This love may be with someone or in something.

14. Everyone can feel positive, if they think cheating is not controllable by him as well.

15. Usually foolish people speaks a lot. But they have nothing in their brains.

16. People automatically work hard, if the reward of that work is the best. The reward mainly attract them and helps to work a lot.

17. Selfish persons always forget others helps and favours. Even when they asked for it. They don't accept it.

18. Every human thinks that using more than one color in the exam sheets or papers can make their paper more attractive and it will help them to grab more marks.

19. 70% people are not interested in others success. Even when you will tell your success story, they will show their boardom in it.

20. Psycho peoples always smile less. They don't become happy easily.

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Written by   28
6 months ago
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Oh that's interesting, thanks for that informations 😍

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6 months ago

Very informative post

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6 months ago

Interestingly done article. According to my life experience in meeting people, I believe that these are statistical statistics approximately correct.

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6 months ago