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What causes gastritis?

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2 months ago
Topics: Health

Gastric disease is very familiar in Bangladesh. When I see people buying expensive high-powered gastric medicine, I realize how terrible it is. Terrible this helps to be gastric, ulcers. Not getting rid of ulcers, everyone is taking high power medicine and the kidneys are beating twelve. The Bengali meaning of gastric is acid.

In Bengali literature, especially in the writings of Rabindranath, the topic of acid has been brought up in different places. In fact, we all know what gastric is. This causes gas to be excreted from the stomach. Some people have burns or inflammation near the throat. Someone's chuka is covered. Many people get relief from gastric or heartburn by vomiting. Not only in Bangladesh, many people in many countries of the world get rid of the burning sensation in the throat by vomiting. Although many people know why gastritis occurs, it is mentioned here -

01. Mental turmoil - Excitement, stress, mental distress - Mental tension, stress, excitement, distress, injury, etc. can be the cause of gastric.

02. Malnutrition - Malnutrition is the most common cause of gastritis. Many people say that if you do not eat, you get gastric which is not correct at all. No one is seen to be gastric when fasting for 12/13 hours during the month of Ramadan. Rather then the gastric becomes better. This is because in most cases, malnutrition can lead to gastritis. Bad foods include condensed milk, palm oil sludge, tasting salt, white granulated salt, white sugar, dalda or any other food containing dalda, dye of clothes, adulterated spices, adulterated oil, excess oil, rotten bashi, any type. Chemical foods, hydrogen or hydrogenated foods, soda or soda mixed foods, adulterated liquids or milk, strong coffee, strong tea, etc.

03. The amount of food - most of us think overeating is a credit. Not just eating, but feeding is not a sign of good hospitality. But overeating is one of the causes of gastritis. According to Islamic law, it is better to eat twice a day, and it is recommended to complete one meal with one-third of the total food, one-half of water and one-half of the meal.

04. Asana- It is healthy to bend the legs during meals and eat with pressure on the stomach. It does not cause gastritis. It has been suggested to eat with knees bent in Islamic manner.

05. The principle of Islam says to refrain as much as possible from talking during conversations and meals. It is even advised to refrain from exchanging salutations while taking food. When attention is diverted to other foods, the brain does not realize how much acid to excrete on the plate. As a result, food enters the stomach and causes various problems and prevents digestion.

07. Taking food in one go - In Hinduism, food should be taken on a plate only once. Food cannot be taken on the plate again and again. The brain secretes the right amount of digestive juices by looking at the food prescribed in it. The brain cannot secrete the right amount of digestive juices by eating extra food.

07. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is one of the common causes of sleep disorders.

07. Liver Function - Gastric or peptic ulcer: It can cause gastric ulcer.

09. Smoking or taking various medications can cause gastritis.

There is no need to take any medicine for gastritis only after reviewing the above reasons well and practicing regular diet. Because gastric is not a disease. It is just a symptom of digestive disorders.

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Written by   2
2 months ago
Topics: Health
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