Have you ever said, who do you think you are?

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2 years ago

Assalamu olaikum,How are you all friend.

Banny Britons were surprised not so long to the diaries of the late lord reith,founder of the british broadcasting Corporation (BBC), were published. I have brilliance, intellect and all sorts of thing,he writes. I hate ordinary people and rely acknowledge the size of others.

Do you also find that you rerely acknowledge the gretness of others "? It is Simple omission. In the extreme case of lord ritch, his pale view of others often led to bitterness and frustration. For example, he wrote about his grief at being reduced to the level of ordinary manw when churchill removed him from the british government. He complained that his successor took his old government cat and put it on the bus line like evryone else." I had a big fight with mysellf,"he said."I often have tears in my eyes.

Fortunately, most people do not see others people as extremists. But isn’t brilliance and sellf - confidence common in people you known or live with? Many people see aggression anf self-confidence as the only way to "move on" A recntly popular book called "winning through bullying " promotes the idea that the way to do business is to intimate-to intimate, deceive, manipulate anf manipulate for your own benefit - in short. Consider yourself nferior. Tnank you all.

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Only other people ask that question to me which is quite annoying . "who do you think you are?" As if they are insulting you and downgrading

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