domine newton Trinity College reopened in 18. The college elected Newton a Fellow, and two years later, a few days before his 26th birthday, he was appointed Lucasian professor of mathematics. Prior to that, his friend and teacher Dr. Barrow held this position at Trinity College. To be a Fellow of Cambridge and Oxford Universities at the time, one had to be an established Anglican missionary. Again Lucasian professors were forbidden to have contact with the church, as it could harm scientific research. Newton Lucasian wanted to free himself from this condition when he became a professor. The then King Charles II accepted his demand and appointed him as a professor. This put an end to Newton's conflict with the Anglicans over religious thought. Meanwhile, in 17 AD, Newton made a reflection telescope. In December 181, Newton II built another telescope and presented it to the Royal Society. Two months later, as a Fellow of the Royal Society, he publicized his discoveries about light and thereby initiated a debate about light. This debate continued for many years. The debate was attended by Robert Hooke, Lucas, Linus Pauling and many more. Newton, of course, always disliked such debates. He blamed his own wisdom for giving rise to a controversy in favor of such an important theory of light. Most of his research papers on optics were published by the Royal Society between 182 and 184. These research papers were compiled in his book Optics in 1804. Before 184, Newton did not feel the urge to publish his research on gravitation. Of these, Hooke, Edmund Haley and Sir Christopher Ren discovered some theories or information about gravity in isolation, although none of them were able to provide any definite theory about the orbit of the planet. That year, scientist Edmund Haley spoke to Newton about the matter and was surprised to see that Newton had solved the problem so far. Newton proposed to Haley four theorems and seven problems that have been identified as key parts of his research work. Between 175 and 18, he wrote his most famous book, Philosophia Naturalis Principia Mathematica, which lasted for about seventeen or eighteen months. This book has three parts. Newton wanted to shorten the third part. But Haley encouraged him to write the third part in detail. The Royal Society expressed its inability to finance the publication of the book. This time too Heli came forward. He bore all the expenses of publishing the book and as a result this book was published in the year 18 which is unforgettable in the history of physics and mathematics. After its release, it was able to garner a huge response throughout Europe. Following this, Christian Higgins, then known as the most famous scientist of the time, went to England in person in 189 to meet Newton in person. At this time King James II decided to reject the oath of allegiance and allegiance to the University. Newton was elected a Member of Parliament from Cambridge for protesting and opposing his decision. When he returned to the university after completing his political career, he became seriously ill. Due to this illness, in 1892-1693, he was unable to do almost any work. This caused great anxiety among his colleagues and friends. After recovering from the disease, he left the university and started working for the government. In collaboration with his friends Locke, Ren and Lord Halifax, he was first appointed Warden of the Mint in the Government of England in 1895 and later Master of the Mint. He held the position of Master of the Mint until his death.

On the other hand, Newton was interested in studying theology from the very beginning of his life. He began to study religious prophecy as early as 1890. At that time he gave a detailed account of this in a letter to Locke. This letter was called An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of the Scriptures. This letter is written about two passages of the Trinity. He also wrote a manuscript before his death. Observations on the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse. He also wrote some biblical critiques, commentaries, and commentaries.

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