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How to Avoid Accidents in Blindspots

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It is not possible to look around the car at a glance while sitting in the driver's seat. For that, looking glass (side mirror) and rear mirror (rear view mirror from driver's seat) are used to see the right, left and rear view of the car. Even then the driver cannot keep an eye on some parts around the vehicle while moving. Blind spots are areas that remain out of sight of the driver even after using looking glass and rear mirrors. And because of this blind spot, even skilled drivers get into accidents all the time.

The bigger the size of the motorcycle, the bigger the blind spot. Accompanied by a truck, bus or bus driver. He warns the driver about the location of any car or motorcycle, bicycle or even people in the blindspot. But when driving on a private car or motorcycle, the driver has to look around and walk. For this reason, if you are a little careless, the accident will happen. Blind spots can help prevent accidents if you are careful about certain things while driving or riding a motorcycle.

Ideas about blind spot

Motorcyclists are the most common cause of blind spot accidents. Because, he who rides a motorcycle thinks that he can quickly cross the blindspot of another car. At this time, the drivers of nearby cars, jeeps, buses or trucks also assumed that the motorcyclist would pass his car with caution. But many times it does not happen. Accidents occur when a motorcycle or car is parked in a blind spot due to mechanical problems or driver incompetence. For this, the driver of the motorbike or car has to have an idea about the exact spot of the blind spot for himself and the driver of another car.

Usually the driver does not get a good view of the place very close to the car's looking glass. So it is not right to ride a motorcycle or a car in these places. However, if the road is empty, if you cross that place quickly, the risk of accident is less. However, at this time, in order to attract the attention of the driver next to you, you have to keep the speed control carefully by turning on the passing light or blowing the horn.

Signal light

Signal lights should be used properly when the car or motorcycle is turning right, left or right. You need to use the signal light some distance in advance to turn the corner while walking. As well as in the case of cars you have to try to turn the horse from the left side. Drivers usually do not take extra space when turning right. So if there is not enough space on the right side, you can never take the risk of turning the car or motorcycle.

Safe distance

It is important to keep a safe distance from other cars or motorcycles while walking on the road. Remember, it takes more time to stop a fast moving car or motorcycle. For this, if the car in front suddenly brakes, your motorcycle or car can be stopped, you have to keep enough space. This distance is called breaking distance. Collisions with heavy vehicles are just as fierce as head-on collisions. In this case it is safe to follow the car in front while driving behind the truck or bus. Truck drivers do not directly see the rear car or motorcycle. So when passing a truck on a moving road, the driver must be alerted by blowing the horn as well as turning on the passing lights.

Visible yourself to another driver

No driver intentionally causes an accident. So whether you drive a motorcycle or a car, you have to make yourself visible to the driver of the other car. For this, when passing the car in front, if necessary, you have to light the horn or headlight and inform about your position or desire by signaling. This will allow the other driver to understand the size of your car or motorcycle and leave the car. Due to this, even if the speed is high, both of them will be able to walk safely.

Concentrate on the driver's seat

Even a little carelessness on the way can cause a big accident. For this, it is necessary to have a clear idea about exactly how much space is required while passing the car in front. You need to make it a habit to look ahead as well as look at the regular looking glass while walking. For this, before the start of the journey, you have to select the location of the looking glass from the driver's seat which is suitable for seeing the most places. Keep in mind, the more space you can see around or behind the looking glass, the less likely you are to have an accident.

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Written by   10
2 months ago
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Common scenario with my every day driving to work is when I am about to turn to the right, here comes a motorcycle overtaking on the right side of the vehicle. So I need to double check before stepping on the accelerator pedal.

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2 months ago