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Life After 18

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5 months ago

As our age increases, our obligations in life does too. They say, we can only experience what real life really is once we stepped into our adulthood years. If you're over 18 now, I am pretty sure you're also missing those days where we do nothing but to play for the whole day, those days where the only problem we have is how we can sleep at the afternoon so we can play with our friends after waking up from this nap.

I regret that I shouldn't have wished when I was a kid that may time,days and years would speed up so I can finally become an adult. Now that I am 21, I witnessed how the real life really works. I have so much realizations, I've learned so much from the past years and I'm sure that life will going to teach me a lot more than these lessons I learned right now for the next years ahead of me.

So here are some of my experiences after I turned eighteen.

Entering College

After turning 18, choosing what course you would like to take will be your one of the most important decisions in your life as it'll have a big effect on your future. Once you become a college student, you'll start to face a lot of challenges, it may cause you stress or even depression because of the requirements, thesis, pressure, presentations etc. College isn't easy at all when it comes to academics yet these years will teach you a lot of things in your entire life, your college years will be full experiences and life lessons and most importantly the good times with your college friends as it will be your last remaining years of being called a "student".

Starting to Lose Friends

This will be one of the most painful part of becoming an adult. The years where all the people around you will have a different path in life, some will move to another city, others will start working, some will start their own family etc. These is were the years that you and your friends won't have time anymore on other things except for work and studies. You'll start to feel being betrayed by your friend, being cheated on or none at all, you'll just start to lose them because you all already have your own life and because of busy schedules you won't have time for them same from them to you, so it will end up that you weren't close to each other anymore or in the worst case some of them will just become as stranger again.

Taking Responsibilities

At these years, you are going to have an obligations and responsibilities with yourself and to your family. You might be incharge of paying your electricity bill, water bill or internet connection. You'll lose interest on playing games and surfing on the internet for the whole day as you already have a lot of responsibilities to do before doing such things. Your parents and future will be one of your main priorities in life as they're already weak knees and can't go back to work anymore. Starting your own family will be part of your responsibilities too because of your being a wife to your husband or husband to your wife, and most especially is having your own child is also a big responsibility.

Your Opinions will Matter

Unlike before when you're still a minor, when it comes to family decisions, your opinions will now matter to other members of the family. As you are matured enough to make desicions whether if it will be for yourself or for the others. You will start giving advice to those who are younger than you because you might have been there and already knew what would be the best thing to do.


You will start to meet a lot of people along your way, it will also be the years where you will often feel the heartbreaks of your life because of your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. Misunderstandings, no communication with your partner or even being cheated on is one of the examples that might cause you feel so hurt emotionally. As you are both matured and serious on your relationship, but still ended up not being together, the heartbreaks after 18 are more painful than the love we had on our high school years.

Not just in relationship but heartbreaks are general like losing a friend, family or when someone did something bad on you.

The life after 18 will have a big change on your life, it will teach you a lot of things. This is just to remind you that these things might happen on you as well when the right time has come for you to finally enter the world of adulthood.


Life can be so hard, but if you'll look deeper in every experiences it has a lesson whether if it is good or bad on us. Because our whole life is a journey, full explorations, experiences and lessons.

Thank you for reading! ♡

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Thank you!!

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Written by   55
5 months ago
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I can relate to those! Except heartbreak though cause I've never been in a serious relationship yet haha

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5 months ago

Some have experienced being "adult" early on because of situations in life especially on taking responsibility that they don't even have the chance to further their education so they have to learn by experience.

Indeed, there is order in everything so we do not have to rush things. We need to patient and enjoy the good things in life.

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5 months ago

Yes po, enjoy every moment and do not rush things ♡ btw thanks for the upvote po!

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5 months ago

You said true, after 18 age when We get mature then we have faced lots of responsibilities and trying to overcome

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5 months ago