How to build creative thinking ?

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We are learning and memorizing things from our childhood since we were in school. But the conflict is that at school age we were unaware to critical thinking. But writer insist that if we learn critical thinking and our early age then it helps us to proceed for the in our life successfully because it gives us confidence with which we can adopt and make valuable judgement on things which we are going to do in our life like if you are going to University and you are getting confused to select a major subject then by critical thinking analysis it helps us to choose the right option. When student came at the stage to choose an major subject they remain in confusion and they do not that in which subject they have to choose. A survey shows that students focus more toward the scope of the degree but they do not know that scope is not related to the degree which are they doing in actual world scope related to them. The more skillful person's have scope but on the other hand if you have done with your course but at the end of the degree you are even unaware of your degree course work then you will unable to do any profession.

" Critical thinking is actually a process of actively conceptualizing analysing and applying the information gathered through observation experience or reflection."

Critical thinking is an important concept to understand to analyze concepts it is actually a new way of thinking towards a problem. But sadly our study system which we are following now a days is only based on cramming system. People only have schools for earning purposes not for teaching . Teacher have responsibility to teach and build the character of the student they should work for the student and in written student also perform 100%.

Ask questions

By asking questions will help you to increase critical thinking because by asking questing will help you to understand the concept more effectively because question stays in your mind. Asking questions also make you prominent in eyes of your class teacher. If you don't have enough questions to ask you can ask general questions like:

Can you further elaborate it?

What are examples related to this concept?

What is another way to learn this concept?

Participate in discussion

Discussions are important part of your study. Along with study it also help to enhance critical thinking. By participating in discussion you get another point of view and it broader your mentality and vast your concept analysis. It also enhance knowledge. In discussion the knowledge become multidimensional.

Practice active learning:

Active learning also help to enhance critical thinking. If you are not aware of what is active learning then note that there are two types of learning one is active learning and the second one is passive learning active learning is one in which a person is deeply involved with the learning without any distraction. Active learners Note down all the things which are necessary and then try to experiment the knowledge which they have perceived in real life.

Study with the help of examples:

There is difference between learning and memorizing and that difference is critical thinking. Nowadays our learning standard mainly depend upon memorizing but the real thing is learning because that provide us skill of critical thinking.

If you learn your task only you have to learn then it is more likely that you cannot get the real meaning of the concept but by adding examples in your learning will bring critical thinking skills in your life. Academic studies is important in life but we should go beyond our academic studies and think about the real world. The examples which exist in real world helps us a lot to learn because we can practice them.


There are two types of thinking one is creative thinking and critical thinking. Both are different concepts but critical thinking matters alot and it also help us to build confidence

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It was very difficult for me to begin to develop this type of thinking because it was somewhat sensitive to criticism, however, with both constructive and destructive criticism, I learned a lot to develop my character and turn what is useless into gold.

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Asking questions while learning has capacity to install the knowledge the more into the brain. I've experienced this often times, I tend to remember a topic the more via question I asks while learning or asking myself while reading

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