American revolution

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American revolution which is also known as revolutionary war it occurred due to the tension between British government and 13 colonies in America.

Reason of revolution :

There was not any sudden things which lead to American revolution. There are series of steps which bring American revolution.

From 1756 to 1763 the French and Indian war took place. In this war British army won and the territory of British empire increases. In this regard the British government has to pay the expenses of war so far the compensation they started to increase the taxation in their colonies.

Stamp act

For the increasing of tax they proposed many acts like stamp act according to which the American colonies have to pay taxes on every page of printed paper the used.

The Townshed acts

These were the series of my years which was passed by British government this was actually proposed to increase the taxation on goods which are imported in the American colonies. In response to these act American colonies raised their voice as they had no say in the parliament as other citizens of Britain have.

The tea act :

Was an act which was proposed by great britain parliament. It imposes taxes on tea and gave all control of trade to their east India company.

Boston Massacre;

It was actually fight between citizen of America and army of Britain. Several patriots were gone from this world during this street fight.

Boston tea party:

The colonist in America were so much angry and frustrated by the tax imposition by the Britain government so in the reaction they dumbed 342 chests of tea imported by British East India company. It was actually a political protest that occurred in boston.

These all were the reasons behind the American revolution.

Who were the heroes in revolution?

Firstly there was benedict Arnold who was one of the first hero of revolutionary war who fought for the America but later on his wish his side and Ford for Britain so he became in famous traitor in US history.

After these there was group of colonial delegates who met at philadelphia and then over the issues which present in the colonies of America and their decided that they will raise their voice against the British rule. The main problem no representation in the British Parliament they were saying that they are just paying taxes but they have no say in the British Parliament that was the main conflict. The one basic right about which they were fighting the rights of citizen of life liberty and property. In this first meeting did sided that they will met again but when the time came for the second meeting there spread out a great violence from the colonies side.

In April a night hundred of British rules March from Boston to concord to seize the revolt arms. There occured a battle between colonists and Britain army it was known as the shot heard around the world.

Declaring independence

In the second Continental Congress meeting the delegates decided that they will form their own army and their army will be handled by Washington means he would be there commander in chief. On June 17 there was the first major battle which took place and it was known as Bunker Hill battle in this battle British army won but it gave encouragement to the revolutionary leaders.

In June 1776, revolution was becoming strong because more colonies were becoming part of revolution because they are also demanding for independence.

In 1781 there was also another fight between both of the armies and in this American colonist army won but there was no decision from both of the side for two years because main army was still resided in New York and in other regions .

In Paris , British and American delegates signed a treaty for peace and finally accepted Independence of United States. Along with it britain signed treaty with french and spain government because they also had entered in the revolution.

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Great article thanks for these information is so useful especially to me that don't use history

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Well, the truth is that I only knew about the Boston massacre, but it was quite interesting to read this about how wars between great world powers were.

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Yes all the revolutions which I have studied are most interesting even I want to read them again

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