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Types of teachers

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2 months ago

Teachers in school and colleges are the integral part because they build our society. Our parents bring us in this world but teachers are those who give us lessons to live in the society. They teach us different ways to live and how we can make our environment part of paradise . They are those who work for our progress. Every educational institute are Mainly run by teacher , they play big role in building the reputation of educational institute because when they provide quality education to their students only then the educational institute will flourish and become able to have a good name in society. There are different kinds of teachers according to their different nature in the class. Last time we have discussed about type of students in the class but this time we bring a new topic types of teachers and it is related to previous writing .

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Despotic teachers:

Despotic teachers can also be known as self centered teachers they do not care about the ideas of the students and their point of view they only have firm believe that the idea with which he came is only true and that only matters. They have not adopted a particular behaviour there behaviour vary according to situation. Sometimes they are aggressive and some time have good mood.

Cool teacher

Cool teachers are mostly liked by students because they have engaging nature and they teach in a friendly manner. Cool teacher approach his students in positive way . Students love to learn in such teachers. Cool teachers always come well prepared in the class . These type of teachers proves to be protective and motivate students that they can solve the problem . Such type of teacher focus more on dull students and polish their mind and build courage in them that they can be competent with good students

Hot teachers 🥵

Here we came_ hot teachers can be male or female and they look extremely attractive . That is the reason why most of the students attend the class of these teachers and students want that they somehow build their reputation Infront of teachers.

Apathetic teachers:

These are the teachers who do not want to continue their job in the institute and they always mention that the institute is not good and not working in a good way these type of teachers are externally motivated they hate their institute and blame institute for not good grades of students.

Activist teachers

These type of teachers work for the betterment and improvement in the institute and focus on such things they always highlights the problems which are being faced by students and teachers in the school or college and come with the idea to solve those problems . These type of students may come from scout badges background.

Crazy teachers

Crazy teachers have different mood. Their mood changes toward their jobs sometimes they become passionate and after some time their mood changes. They bring different ideas and different type of theories . When students talks to them they feel that they are talking to aliens because they always give different and strange concepts.


These type of teachers feels students like their friend and dude. They have more fun in the class rather to focus more on the studies and course outline . Most of the time they fail to complete the whole syllabus and they give good grades to students they attend parties with students and students feels that their teacher is one of their friend .


SuperCoach are those teachers who give difficult task to their students and students find difficulty to perform these task but good thing that these teachers motivate and tell the way to solve the task. Super coach start focusing on a good student and left others. This is the only thing which is not likable by the students regarding SuperCoach.

Shy teachers:

Shy teachers are mostly considered good because they convey their concepts in good way and students also grasp their concepts but the drawback of these teachers is only that they do not show their real talent although they are giving their maximum input but not so in which they can teach good. Shy teachers perform good in the class.

Lawful teachers

These teachers don't except freedom of speech in the class they focus more on law and order they do not want any type of disturbance In the class they want everything in a good manner . Lawful teachers do not want any type of even fun because they are concerned towards studies and they just like those students who study they sometime expel the student who are creating any disturbance that is the reason students do not want to attend the class of such teachers and they always wish that their teacher may changed and replaced by other teacher. But the good thing is that the students who are good in studies they like such teachers and use to sit in front of teachers.

Celeb teachers

Celeb teachers who are favourite of everyone including teachers and students these are those who have gained fame and also institute don't want that the teacher leave their institute.

  • Thank you so much for giving time here.

  • Do let me know about your teacher type.

  • What type of teacher you like the most ?

  • I am waiting for your feedback

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Written by   94
2 months ago
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I would prefer buddy ones!!

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2 months ago

I prefer the super coach ones.... They are lovable

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2 months ago

For me I like the lawful teacher, I will learn a lot from that kind of teacher because I can focus on what she is teaching to me, with no disturbance

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2 months ago

Teachers are the respected one to me.

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2 months ago