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Let the Harvest on smartBCH begins!

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3 months ago

Hello guys 😊

This article is related to the previous one where I explained how to get the smartBCH coins in Metamask using a bridge like or CoinFlex where you can buy them from someone.

Now that the BCH are shown in the Metamask in the smartBCH network, you will start the next step, and the questions that come to your mind are:

How to benefit from the BCH?

Should you keep them sitting in the wallet? or you invest them in smartBCH DeFi applications?

Where should you go? what are the sites, apps that you can use to invest? 

Well, I chose to make a little profit from my smartBCH coins and so I chose to invest and have a passive income, I believe you would choose the same option too. 

Because who doesn't want to receive free money while sleeping? Right?

So let the Harvest begins  😉

Now, where should I go?? I read a lot about crypto everywhere and a lot of people were talking about these applications Benswap, Mistswap and Muesliswap.

I went to first.

At first I connected my wallet then I went to Farms section where I saw the different combinations of tokens to stack and harvest from.

As in every blockchain, there are its special coins and tokens.

In smartBCH for example you can find tokens like EBEN, FlexUSD, $CATS, FLEX, LAW, UAT and many more...

The next step was to decide which farm to invest in, so I chose the EBEN-BCH LP one because I already have BCH and I will make 1 swap and get the EBEN.

This farm has 69.45% APR at the moment, this percentage can change and it says that you earn EBEN.

 So I went to the Trade section where there is the exchange. I clicked on it and I swapped some BCH to EBEN, you click swap, then you approve the operation in your wallet.

Then you go to liquidity and add the pair of tokens which is in our case BCH and EBEN.

Afterwards, you go to the selected farm, click on Approve contract, approve it also in your wallet, then you click the stake button. Stake as much as you want, and tadaaaa your harvest begins.

Your passive income begins!

And as much as you invest, as much as you earn. 

When you decide to harvest your earned tokens, you just click harvest and confirm in your wallet and you see them in your wallet. Easy right? 😉

In the following article, we will stake in another DeFi application.

Good harvesting guys.

Thanks for reading ❤️

This is my original article.


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Written by   26
3 months ago
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