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How I got my first smartBCH coins

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8 months ago

Hello users, It has been a long time since I wrote to you but I am glad to write back today.

So since the crisis in Lebanon continues  and becomes harder and harder, I feel to be obliged to find any source of additional income. And so since I am into the crypto world and I feel and actually touched the potential of it, I would like to make that income through crypto by collecting, trading and having a passive income. 

For the passive income section, I am hearing and heard a lot recently about the words smartBCH and DeFi and that a lot of people are making good harvest from them but I didnt even know what those words mean.

So I made few researches and talked with some friends here and there until I understood that smartBCH is the blockchain which has the DeFi apps built on it as simple explanation as that.

At this point, I became curious and I wanted to have my first smartBCH coins. So after my research I found out that in order to get the smartBCH coins first you have to use a suitable wallet like "Metamask plug-in in your browser,, or", and to get the smartBCH you need to use a bridge like CoinFLEX where you can buy them from someone or the one I used where you do the swap yourself. 

And for this I recommend you to read this link which was extremely clear and wonderful.

This link teaches you how to start installing your Metamask wallet and how to prepare it to receive your smartBCH coins and other tokens which you will collect later from other sites using your smartBCH coins. 

After preparing the wallet, you need to go to to swap your BCH.

First you need to connect your wallet and sign the authorization in the Metamask in your browser, then you have to choose the cross-chain service you want, or from bch to smartBCH or vice versa. In our case it will be the service from BCH to smartBCH. I didn't succeed at the beginning because I used a small amount and I didnt pay attention to the writen amount that it shouldn't be less than 0.01 BCH but dont worry you dont lose anything, you just add the amount as usual from choosing among 2 options or using the CashAddress or the Legacy Address by scanning them. Once  your amount reaches 0.01 or beyond, the transfer is automatic. 

Afterwards, you see your smartBCH in your metamask.You feel happy and you start to think about your next steps. 

You can repeat this step every time you need smartBCH.

In the following posts, I will tell you what I did next ...

Stay tuned 😊

Thanks a lot for reading ❤️

 This is my article that was published today in publish0x.

Pictures are from google.

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Written by   28
8 months ago
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I always read about staking BCH but I never tried... I'll try to consider it

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8 months ago

Try it, it is very profitable 👍

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8 months ago