Water is Life

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Did you know that humans can survive only 3 days to one week without water? This is solely dependent on the temperature as well as the condition of the person. A dehydrated person who is exercising can slump and die within a few hours. Water is one liquid that cannot be overlooked, unless you want to overlook your life.

You may out grow intake of certain liquids, but definitely not water. Refusal to take water will lead to dehydration which will in turn cause certain damages to the human body. 90% of the human blood is made up of water. So when there is dehydration, there is a reduction in blood level which I'm a little low blood pressure. How high blood pressure can also occurs when the body's cells lack water. The brain will send a signal to the pituitary glad to secrete vasopressin, a chemical that causes the blood vessels to constrict and this causes blood pressure to increase which leads to high BP.

Lack of water can lead to the damage of various cells in the body especially the liver which does the work of detoxifying the body. The human liver need enough fluid to be able to work properly and when this is lacking, the liver can become overburdened cause I was leading to damage to it as different residues which and wanted by the body can be logged in it.

Dehydration can also cause constriction of the airways or lungs. This is because the body has recognised that there is excessive loss of water and thus tries to preserve as much water as possible by constricting the airways or lungs. When the lungs are narrowed, breathing becomes difficult and this can prove fatal to people who have history of asthma or other breathing issues.

Healthcare providers will always stress on the importance of taking enough water for the good and efficient functioning of our body because water can't be taken for granted. It forms a huge part of your life.

A whole lot of health benefits of drinking water that can never be overlooked. Apart from the ones I've mentioned above, enough intake of water can also help to reduce aging and tighten the skin. But also helps with energy. If you engage in sporting activities or other activities that requires burning of energy, you will see that when you take enough water your energy is replenished.

Apart from the human body, water also has a role to play in nature. Plants need water to grow. The whole world is not a desert because there is water. All the greeneries you see around you we are able to grow because they have water to sustain them. Water also serves as a living habitat for some animals and fishes.

Water is one basic will always be a part of our life. It can never be replaced. and the most important and beautiful aspects of it all is that God has provided it for us free of charge. You don't have to spend millions to afford it. It is available to everyone, rich or poor, young or old, and even the plants have access to it.

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Yes water is life and your blog about it is informative from blood cells, to dehydration and how it leads us into high BP. Physical water never ends.

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11 months ago

Water is essential and it is life. Even staying some minutes been dehydrated can affect us, not to talk of staying days without water. No man ever makes water an enemy, such a person is toying with his or her life.

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1 year ago