Twilight lovers

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1 year ago

"When the sun is below the horizon,

we will meet at the river side".

His words still echo in my mind.

In high regard, I held his words.

No darkness could quench

the candle of hope his words kept burning in me.

No breeze could blow away

the ember of hope he lighted in me.

His promises were worth more than gold, oh how I treasured them!

Standing by the river side,

I will wait patiently for his promise to be fulfilled.

To hear him whisper sweet nothings into my ear

as I blush and grace the river side with

meaningless artworks from my toes.

To feel his caresing breath on my bare neck and

to feel again the pleasure of a forbidden love

There were many things I never said to him

If only I had known that the last time we were here

would be our last,

maybe, just maybe the unspoken words would be have been said

Maybe I would have told him how much he meant to me

how much of a wreck I am without his presence

If only I had known that he would because close but unreasonable

that he would take delight in another woman's hands

that our time spent under the twilight meant nothing to him

Then I would have have followed any sign

any road to bring him back to me

In the darkness of my heart, I still wait

for his light

If only I could reach out to touch him

to bring him back home to me

to let him know that my heart still beats for him

that my body still longs for his presence

that the heart he has shattered still beats

That I still hope for what we were

Twilight lovers

Thanks for reading ❤️

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Lovely poem, such a joy to read.

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1 year ago

Such a wonderful read, thanks for sharing.

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1 year ago