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Viruses are being defeated by Science.

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1 year ago

This year Nobel price in Medicine is given for the discovery of Hepatitis C.

Not treatable initially, Hepatitis C can be treated to s full recovery now. The treatment is still expensive but getting cheaper with time.

"Antiviral medicines can cure more than 95% of persons with hepatitis C infection...."

This is now turn of Covid-19 to be treated and it is amazing how quickly researchers gain knowledge on the new virus and pathogenesis of the diseases.

Now everyone can help researchers at home and accelerate scientific discoveries and publications of results.

I am also amaised who powerful modern computers are. I was computing folding@home with an old laptop for around 3 months, completing around 200 work units and 300k points.

Folding 1 month with a GPU, raised my achievement to 500 work units and I just crossed a mark of 20 Mio points which means my new laptop is about 100 times more productive than an old one.

So we can now compute scientific tasks much quicker than just several years ago.

Below video illustrates how my computer sounds at full speed research with all CPUs and a GPU. Also heating a room, which is not that bad during winter cold.

This is also important to note that it is not necessary to run folding@home full speed and 24/7.

The idea is to use idde time of a private computer. If is possible to use laptop and fold@home at the same time without any problem or modify setting to best fit.

Helping science is surely good for karma and starts here:

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Written by   111
1 year ago
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