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SiDock@home seems to be a new project on BOINC and it is to discovery of drugs. This is ptoject website with more details:

There is a voting on Gridcoin blockchain to have SiDock whitelisted for the gridcoin community. It all looks like this project will be on a list and it will be known around mid-April.

  • - Community voting on Gridcoin to agree on participation for GRC rewards

Today I also started to compute for SiDock on a CPU PC. This laptop is busy with 3 projects but tasks take 1-2 hours so all works ok so far.

Unfortunately, I could not attach this project to mobile phone.

This may be added later as project is new and, as I see from the forum, first messages were around December 2020

For now I am waiting for a completion of the first task this evening and will be looking for an updated and identification of new potential medicaments.

  • - image in is the header processed with Mirror labs app, Snapseed and image size redusor.

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Great job You are performing Excellency keep it up

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