Snow ❄️ with Photomania colours 🌈

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Snow has great pleasure for photography. Just snow alone makes pictures positive. With colours - it is even more fun.

The picture below is Pyracantha coccinea. It is pure decorating tree, I have not found any practical use of it but not sure fruits are poisoning either. It seems it looks even greater in winter. This tree deserves to be planted in garden or nearabout.

The same picture in watercolor style.

And these are dog roses fruits in Mirror Labs filtered view.

This is a bit Snapseed green tree 🎄 without additional filters

And this is the same tree 🎄 in a Photomania view

Happy new year and enjoyable winter with some snow but not too 🥶 cold!


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Simply beautiful!

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2 years ago

Amazing photos my dear friend.The best are those with Photomania colors.We have snow here too.I will try make some great photos too.

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2 years ago

Really super great pictures - thanks for the post....

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2 years ago