On-line and free courses about blockchain and cryptocurrences.

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2 years ago

Today I found Khan Academy channel on LBRY. It reminded me about portal that offer free courses in almost all fields and topics.

EDX has log of offerings on technology, software but all other subjects too: https://www.edx.org/

Coursera is very similar and maybe more diverse. https://www.coursera.org/

Both portals are good for viewing or purchasing single courses or registering for educational series with lead universities.

Blockchain and the cryptocurrences courses can be found as follows:

In many cases courses can be viewed for free and certificate usually require a small payment. Some programs related to obtaining profession, may cost more.

There are also courses on Udacity, see list of blockchain professions below:


Time is money but money is not time. There are so many offerings and this is not so easy to find best course at best time!

Do you know any good course in blockchain or other topic, please comment below.

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2 years ago


great resources, i'm bookmarking this for future research. thanks!

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