BOINC: isn't it amazing?

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3 years ago

I just realized that while i am reading, my Moto Action phone computes 4 different projects with all 4 CPUs.

At the same time, and while I am writing this post (!), BOINC helps to search pulsars for einstein@home, solves COVID-19 task, works on child cancer diseases and maps cancer markers.

This is a first task for Smash Childhood Cancer WCG project, that I received on my phone to compute. Till now my performance with WCG as an individual contributor is this:

Tasks computed on other devices with Gridcoin are not reflected here.

I have got 2 Ruby badges for Covid and Cancer markers. Tomorrow 1st task for Childhood Cancer project will be reflected in a summary table.

Badges are just for fun and reflect time required to compute completed and returned tasks.

If you wish to join WCG , feel free to register @ WCG website

It directly via BOINC installation on Android, Windows or Linux:

2nd amazing fact is that my mobile is not heating up and not slows down. Of course, it consumes electricity and has to be charged more often.

Please see my other posts about BOINC, WCG and Gridcoin:

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3 years ago
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Interresting article. It reminds me of SETI to analyze data from space. This is what I call participating in the great good with just a liitle effort. I will go have a look at BOINC.

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3 years ago

That is very true .SETI is fun in boinc but I need to check if I can run it on mobile or it requires GPU . I run Rosetta, Einstein and WCG, in the moment

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3 years ago