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Resistance Is In The Elastic Band Of Ease

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1 month ago

Spiritual minds judge themselves - Kirby rephrase.

August 4, 2022 plots. I've dreamed of elasticity today or last night, unclear but it felt good and I'm inspired to blog about it.

The harder it gets, the more we try and test the limit or edge.

For the glory is not just in the end, but in the beginning, in the middle, in the try outs and practice and all that there is.

The resistance and ease go both together in one focused direction, both are syngergist of a goal or triumphant, success.

We can decide it's us or we learn from other's challenges or mistakes. As spiritual beings we judge on what to do or where to go or which to choose next.

Are we flexible when beyond life examine our hearts and faith? When the door decided to sway back or forth first before it close to leave us free from bondage, no more tutor, push or pull?

When it demands proof, results or fruits, can we show what we are made of? Oh how we love to remember that quote about the squeezed lemons that reveals our true character after an thorough evaluation. Check this out but don't do it for goodness' sake:

When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye. - Cathy Guiswite

When life gives you lemons, chunk it right back. - Bill Watterson

More funny quotes here: Source

Speaking of fruits, are we eating and producing that which the Lord's are pleased of?

We know inside, in which the voice is speaking, those stuffs that can make us feel our Father's delights, no it's us who need to realize it for in His realm, His unconditional love, His belief in us and what He sees is a good executor, a powerful challenge takers who keeps the balance between protection and struggle.

Remember that a King was once a battle fighter whom overcame what was he is against of. His resistance not only his allies were a cover to prepare him for the real score-His flow and grace to sit in the throne and expand that horizon, to reflect his kingdom everlasting in the end no more labor or pain but rest in the harbor, the support not to burn but to water the victory and history of ease' elasticity.

When the water is rough remember that we will no longer be destroyed.

Instead the eternal water is for our fruits, so it can grow and root and hey not just our lemons!

To fulfill the purpose, the sides is the whole, the point is the start, the end brings out the entire shape and reverse back. We cannot describe in one angle the story for it has many faces, hope it's full of real glory.

They say God gives grace to the humble and the proud He resists, if they insist for sure there are elastic limitation in order that they will be save.

For His love also cares for those who do not believe, for our bodies are made of to last longer, He planned it not be perish.

Be save by His resistance when we are too much of greed or indulging that assist us to grave, or follow His commands in our hearts, the ease to keep us away from falling in the ground.

When we don't set up proper standards, the help will come but make sure you can bear the consequences. We learn in opposition as we do in our own corner and flow, the pain or joy is here to catapult us to the next row.

Transcend, the resistance and ease in one band, both come and go, the spiritual mind discern where the shot will go.

Ride, I know you are flexible that after such obstruction is the construction of your new world, new chapters that will persist creatively less resist, in this you are unstoppable, being one from above.

Here's cheering on your easiness over dis-ease, flexing your strong elastic character,


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Written by   148
1 month ago
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When you start to doing something than just listen to your voice and focus on whats your purpose for this work

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1 month ago

Listen to that innver voice Lesly and fulfill your unique purpose yes.

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1 month ago

That's true sister once I was listening to the interview of millionaire he said my grandfather was used to walk on camel but his struggle brought my life into the Royal Royce, and now my son is also using opulent cars but it would gonna reverse, my grandson will gonna walk on camel again because we are getting use to relaxation of life instead of hard and smart work.

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1 month ago

Ow sister Bibijani this is a wisdom of history. Learn from others or learn with yourself. Take the challenge now and enjoy the ease later and so... You are triumphant.

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1 month ago

We have to be willing enough to learn :)

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1 month ago

Learning is an ongoing process whether we become a homebuddy, mother, working, building business, blogging or etc. Thank you ARTicLEE, your name font size must be learn 😂.

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1 month ago