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Sometimes in life we look at our whole life and realize that it's like one giant rollercoaster. Or better put it's like a series playing episodes on episodes everyday. And every minute of every hour counts. It's something else when you stand aside and watch your own episodes play before your eyes. There is nothing more motivational to change than reflection and introspection. We get ashamed of the things we did, say or didn't say but this is all to grow us into bigger and better versions of ourselves. The wonderful thing about all this is that we get to know that we are in charge. By affirming that we are in charge, everything else follows suit. Everything else is ruled by the recognition that we are live, everyday on set. It's where we live, not getting any breaks not even in sleep. It's day in day out at the coolest gig of life time and space.

On the stage of life, we are different character but each one a prince or princess each of us a king or queen. When we face our fears we come out victorious and we will not succumb to anything other than our own resistance. In this state of mind, a lot is clear and as resistance come up again and again it is noted that we have more work to do. Much more work to put in. We are reminded of the long nights wasted, the long hours not used accordingly and the times we didn't value ourselves like we should. But we do not regret anything at all, if anything we embrace ourselves as we are and we move on. We leave the past behind and carry on with the future in mind. At time we might get illusions from the past trying to keep us in line with bindings of the past.

I've had a lot of these recently and it brought me into my reflective self. Where I get to talk to myself, actually confront myself to know what's really wrong. I found that nothing is wrong, I just have to continue being happy. Always happy. All the time happy. Just finding reasons in everyday and everything to be happy and so I maintain a happy state of being. Through which I am able to transits all that is less than happy into unconditional love. This has helped me slot in my everyday life as I influence those around me, the energy brushes off. Leaving me happier and the people happy too. The times lost and the things not achieved is in the past, there is no worries there. We continue forth and create a new outlook that will inevitably outrun the past as we let it all go.

Listening to Abraham Hicks, she would always exclaim "Nothing matters more than that I feel good". We adopted this and found that it's an Excellent way of calibration. We get to tune into a happy higher frequency that allows us to influence the energies around us. While we grow with it, we also allow others to grow with us. It's a very good time to be alive.

We have since realized that when we feel good. The good good good feeling will attract the more of the good good good we feel. So now every time we feel messed up, we convince ourselves that we feel good until we actually feel good. It's a wonderful process that never ends, this is because we constantly have to feel good no matter what. When we don't feel good, we force it until we feel good because that's how we want to feel. Most likely the not so good feeling isn't for us or by us anyway so we found ease in letting it go. We found that it's easier to get by with a happy vibe more that a gloomy grumpy vibe. Whether we make the sale or not, as long as we feel good, we are good. This comes from knowing that our good is embedded in us, that we don't need any contribution from the outside. The outside contributes illusions, some of which are rather useful but the truth remains true.

We love feeling good.

"Nothing matters more than that I feel good, I feel good"


love 'n light


Verse 2 

I've been involved in the technical space of softwares and hardwares for almost as long as I can remember, it's nothing new. Everybody has themselves tangled up with tech somewhere along the path of life, how interested have you been in tech? That's the deciding question as to your preference now. That's to say if you'd rather be offering help and assisting others with tech staff or you are the one getting the help.

My interests in tech has lead me to finding things that are not hidden but you'd need to look for them with genuine interest. These things to me are basic like networks and connections and other staff that people find extra interesting. They people would exclaim at how genius I am, while in reality I'm like another one of those teenagers who stayed up late and didn't stumble on porn until much later. So I had other things to be searching for than fapping to. That's just to describe what happened after I stumbled upon porn for a while.

I'd be interested in all things and how they worked. If someone had issues with their phone I'd like to know how to fix, part of it was the love for tech and part of it was to restore people's emotions and feelings towards their staff. I enjoyed it.


This was until I happened, when I was just one exam away from out of school I had my first beer. I drank alcohol before then but this was different because it wasn't at some wedding or my confirmation or involving family where we needed to be discreet. This time was 1 hour from maths final exams, it was that peer pressure thing. Although it's gone I remember it very well, everything went smoothly after that and none noticed anything, the difference was after the exams we went on a drinking spree. We spend a week getting home, when home was a couple of hours away. This was the most interesting session I've had and I had a good time, it was nothing I had experienced before but it got my family mad so I was stripped off some privileges such as tech staff. I could only read and listen to radio, I could do a lot of things but the tech meant a lot to me. So it felt like the time my friend went swimming with my phone, this is hilarious but it's true. We were swimming like for an hour and after that I decided I need to make a call, "where's my phone buddy"? I asked my friend.

We searched for it, then I heard....

" Oh shit, I went swimming with it"

My friend said while pulling the phone from his pocket, still dripping.

An instant heart break as I contemplated on how I'm going to be without my most loved possession. It was hard. So being stripped off my privileges felt something like that. .

To be continued... The phone is at 11% and in here....

Verse 3 

The culture of paying it forward was started by nature herself, where there's be a ton of tests that would hurt now and pay later. Most of us don't recognize this, it's Hidden in plain sight, slowly unfolding itself for us. So often we get so many clues but it all leaves us clueless. Because we choose to see what we want to see when we want to see it. The one thing that is super good about this is that it pays in the future of things. As we progress down the way, we get better at what we practice which makes us better at whatever it is that we do, trade, counting, civic, we are blind to get better with time and practice. Sooner or later we find the rewards we've missed, pushing us to put in even more efforts to gain more.

This is by far the best investment strategy, to invest in the nature of things. We can never go wrong with this strategy, it's always loaded with rewards and great outcomes and good fellowship. This is where the difference between the workers and players is. One who work even if by deceit comes rewarded and this is because nature doesn't withhold rewards. When we work hard and grow harder, it's inevitable that we will reap what we saw. I saw this recently with my own personal journey, I observed certain changes in me and my ways and the best part of it is that they seem to be automated, somehow...


Last verse 

The value of experiences in our live is pretty much determine by us and our action during the unfolding if these experiences. There is no one experience you cannot have or be limited from by anyone or anything other than yourself. So it happened that one day as the Buddha was somewhere in the temple tending to some bonsai trees, a strange man approached the Buddha.

"You are no different from us, you don't deserve the treatment you get and all that the people give you" said the man.

The Buddha calmly responded

" Suppose you buy a gift and take it to your friend but your friend is not available to take it, whose gift is it then?"

" Its mine, because I bought it" answered the man

"It is the same with resentment and the issue of unforgiving nature of human beings." Responded the Buddha

In life we go around carrying burdens on our shoulders and backs hoping that we get a chance to avenge our lessons and losses. Holding resentment the whole time just because of what someone said.

A life without resentment is more worth living than the life of hording on offense after offense. For the time you have been alive, how many offenses have you piled up just because you chose to not let go and carry on towards better days.

It is a very good feeling to be able to seat with the people you'd otherwise hold resentment against and be whole heatedly unaffected by the energies because you choose to center yourself and your energies. By centering yourself within your energies you reserve your right to be offended by choosing wisely what level has to be reached to be considered as offensive. This is because these days you cannot just let anyone offend you, there are plenty of reasons to be resentful about all over the place. Sometimes you just have to think and you can find reasons to be offended by past resentful memories.

The burden of resentment weights so much compared to letting it go. By letting it all go you open up room in your time to focus on other things like your own growth plus you feel much lighter and better off.

Letting go allows you to permit yourself the change to feel lighter, happier, to free up your plans so that you have less to think about and more to act on, acting by inspiration not by response to resentments. That's what letting go does to the human mind. As the human mind checks it off as done, it is released for good and the only way it comes back is if you consciously bring it back into your energy space. Doing so will attract more conflict, errors in your work, stressors in your body and relationships all around you.

You'd find yourself asking yourself " how did it get to this?"

Its all in the momentum picked up and avoided, the good good feeling good momentum stirs us in the right way. The opposite of this is resentments and holding on to past offenses.

Being in this dark corner is unimaginable, the thought attacks and all the anxiety of thinking you are right when you are truly just holding on to the past when the past should be left where it is. The past!

Letting go is very easy, it's as easy as declaring that " I let go of all that does not serve me in all time and space, I embrace all that serves me in all time and space" while that's a good first step it needs to be repeated a few times whenever you notice yourself back into the resentment drive. You could specifically say " I let go of all resentments including all that does not serve me, in every way shape and form I free myself to be the greatest version of myself"

Just like that you are a step closer to a cleaner newer lifestyle that is good for you. You will feel better, your surroundings will feel better, your people will feel better and all that you have been missing will start coming at you, at speeds you cant even not be surprised with. As much as they tell us it's all in the truth, that's true but the truth is so reach that almost everything is true. Lean towards the truer versions of yourself.

As your plans open up when you let go you will find that the better you feel the more will come out of you to do better, you want to wake up earlier to include a workout before work. During work you'll be taking breather breaks maybe you'll start smoking less if you are a smoker. Little changes will take over your life and you will be happy with these changes, you'll be greeting people well with a beautiful smile.

Yes sure you know the people hurt you but you also know that these people hurting you tells more about them than about you. You happens to be there so that you are the instrument of pain outlet. Pain demands to be felt and in this case it had to be felt by you so that you learn your lessons too. Breathe, you are always beautiful, let it go. The only thing making you less beautiful is you holding on if you do. Feel the breeze and just let go. You are free to hold on to anything else.

You are so blessed you don't need to worry about someone else or what they have. Set your plans free and embrace the clean pages to plan something new, something fresh something you never thought you'd do. And see how you switch up to become phenomenon like the true beast you are!

Oh by the way when you let go, you get more tips more money 💰🍯 you are happier for much longer than the Netflix session 😏.

Outre : Get on that high vibrational disc and keep feeling good on it, then watch them come out of the bushes to play with you !


Love n light!

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