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Why do we Love 'The Sims' Video Games?

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8 months ago

'The Sims' is definitely one of the most popular serial of video games ever! And, have you ever wondered why are those games so popular?

Here is my opinion, maybe it will be interesting to you.


In The Sims you can meka your characthers (They are called Sims) and you can do anything.

You can go to college, you can be successful sicnetist, you can be soldier, policeman, you can be trophy wife, you can be a millionaire without doing anything. You can have the best parties, a lot of friends, you can be a superstar...

You can be even the one who is giving and taking life away, as the virtual God of your Sims.

Source: Microsoft

That is what makes me thing that people love this game because they can be anything, while they are playing. Everything is so easy to make, there are many cheats, many ways to get what you wanna have, and even if you are doing something wrong, you do not have to save it, you can play again, and again, and again, until you are satisfied with what you have made.

Virtuel God

Many people have many problems. Various problems. A lot of stress. They feel helpless, they cannot change anything in their lives. They do not have any power. And, when they play The Sims, all that changes. They can make new city, they can make new families, they can even kill their Sims in the swimming pool, or in the fire in the kitchen...

You can just take one family, and move it to another city. And, that is maybe a change that someone wants for hir or her family, but, that cannot be done in real life, for some reasons.

Someone, maybe want to be a person, who is making big decissions, but in real life, that is not possible. That is why that person can make and destroy cities in The Sims.

The Sims, in my opinion, can help people to cope with stress. In the game you can change everything, in almost no time. You can be the God of your Sims, you can change their lives. You have the power.

Some things should not be done in real life

In the Sims, your characther can change job how many times you want. Your Sim can do many jobs. In real life, it is not smart to change your job every week.

You can have how many girlfriends you have. In real life cheating is never a good option, and in my opinion, and in opinion of many other people, changing your partner every two weeks is not the best choice.

Source: Igro Shop

You can cheat on your wife with a maid. One more choice that in real life is not smart.

You can quit your job and become an artist. In real life there are no big chances for something like that.

Everything is possible

In The Sims there is a cheat that will bring you money. By typing in one simple word, you will get money, and you can type that wor how many times you want. Your Sim can have millions, without working. So, he or she can have an amazing house, car, can travel a lot, can buy luxury things. Without working.

You can become a witch, werewolf, vampire, zombie... In real life, those creatures do not exist. But, in The Sims everything is possible.

And, that is one more reason why people love this game. You do not have limits in this game.

Source: The Sims

People sometimes do not like their lives at all. We have problems, we do not know how to cope with stress, we do not know how to get our of situations that are aming us angry, sad or upset.

Because of that, we sometimes find something what makes us feel a little bit better. And, that is good. The Sims, is not a therapy, it is not something what will change your life, but is something what will make you feel better at the moment.

In case that your problems are not everyday problems, and in case that you really do not know how to move on, hot to keep going and fighting for yourself, that is also okay, but in that case, maybe you need a therapy. And, that is also okay, you will get help that you need, and you will be fine.

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Written by   154
8 months ago
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