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Why are fighting sports good?

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8 months ago

Hello everyone, long time no see. I know that I was missing for too long, but I had many private things to do, and because of that I had to postpone writing articles here. I just wanted to say that before I move on to my next article.

I have a lot of inspiration, and in the future I will post many interesting articles.

Now, we can move on the the text.

Today I would love to talk a bit about fighting sports. I really love those sports, and of course, I understand if you do not like them at all. In case that you think that they are too violent, that they are not interesting, that they are I do not know what, that is okay.

In this article, I do not want to try to change your opinion, if you do not like it, I accept that, and it is okay to dislike whatever you want to.

I just want to tell you why they are good.

Let's start!

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First association

When someone says fighting sports, I first think of MMA (mixed martial asrts). I know many people would say that they are not arts, but when you think deeply about that, it actually is a kind of art. Defending yourself when you are attacked can be art.

Next thing I think about is SAMBO, it is a Russian fighting sport, actually a skill. It comes from Soviet Union, and nowadays it is still very popular in Russia.

Of course, there are also box, kick-box, wrestling, judo... and many others.

Now, reasons why are those sports good

  • No corruption

    Well, there is a corruption in those sports, but much, much, much less thatn in other sports. Baseball, basketball, voleyball, football. In all those sports kids, who have rich parents can play. Even if they are not good at all, even if they do not know what they are doing while they are in the game. In fighting sports, there is not a chance for rich kids to be stars, if they are not good. They maybe can have some matches, with some very weak people, but everyone, who is watching that will see that they are not good. While you are in the cage or in the ring, you are alone, you have to be good. If you are not good, there is not anyone, who is playing with you and who can help you.

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  • You will become stronger

    In your head, you will become much stronger mentaly, than you were before. You will learn to concentrate, to focus on what is important. When you stay alone in the cage with the person, who wants to hit you, you will learn a lot about yourself, about life, about all kinds of fight, and you will win in your inner fight. You will be stronger than you were before the fight. Even if you lose, even if you are not stronger than person you are fighting against.

  • You will be more confident

    If you do not want to be a professional fighter, you can also have many benefits from those sports. You may not become much stronger than you were, but you will become more confident, you will know that you can defend yourself. And, when you know that you can defend yourself, other people will see that you know how to do that. And, thanks to that they maybe give up on attacking you.

  • Physical activity

    All kinds of physical activities are good, and those sports are great for your body. They will help you be more halthy, they will help you look better, and feel better, and lose weight, if that is your goal.

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  • Sense of respect

    As I already said in those sports you have to be good, and if someone is better than you, he or she will show you that. And, that will teach you how to respect people. But, what will truly learn you how to respect everyone is someone, who looks weak, who looks like he or she cannot do anything to you, and who will win! And, you will learn that strenght comes fromthe inside, from will. And, you will learn how to respect other people and their will. That is how you will get sense of respect. Sense for respecting others.

  • They are natural

    It is not natural to kick the ball, to play with a bat, ot ride something. What is natural is to fight. To fight against people, who are some kind of menace for you. And, whrn you are in the cage with someone, that person is a menace for you, and it is a natural to try to defend yourself from that menace.

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Written by   154
8 months ago
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