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The Way to Hell is Tiled with the best Intentions

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8 months ago

The way to the hell is tiled with the best intentions only. You know why? Because other people, who usually have those best intentions, most of the time, do not have idea what is good for you.

They cannot know what do you want, what is inside of you and what do you want for yourself. They maybe think that good things, generally good things, for example big house, a lot of money, good job, will be good for you. But, that depends only on you. What will be really good for you depends only on you.

On what you want, what you dream of, what you do not want, what you are afraid of... and many other things that are inside of your mind and your soul.

Because of that, listen to people. Always listen what they have to say to you. But, do not do what they tell you to do. Maybe, they have good ideas for you, but they do not have good plans for you. Their pieces of advice are their plans for you. They would love you to do something, be somewhere, become someone. All those things may be a good idea, but they may not be a good plan.

There are many wise people, and you should hear what they are saying, but you should do what you feel that is good for you. That is the only right way.

Express yourself, love yourself, even let yourself make mistakes, wrong choices, those things will make you stronger. They will make you survive your worst period in your life, and you will pass trough that as a victor.

You are a victor and you can decide for yourself.

You can keep moving forward all the time.

Every single time.

Just do what you think you should do.

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Really well written.

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8 months ago