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The Most Sincere Villain

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7 months ago

I was alreadyu writing about Joker before, but I was thinking a bit about him, and I think that he deserves me to pay more attention to him. In my opinion, Joker is very interesting characther and we can actually learn a lot from Joker. His way of living is different, special, weird, but actually very interesting, actually very, very deep. His life is deep, you never know how deep you can fall with him, but what you can be sure about is that you will not be bored, and you will definitely learn a lot from him.

Source: Gifer

Joker is a villain. From the start to the end. All the time. Pure villain. He is not trying to hide it, he is not trying to change it, he is not trying to make it look different. He is pure.

He is what he is, he is who he are. All the time.

Joker's best quotations

For people you are just like a toy, they will stop loving you after they get bored.

And, this souds horrible, this is cruel, but it is totally true. People, usually do not love you. They just want to use you. For many things, for love, for fun, for business, for anything what they needed in their lives, and when they do not need you anymore, they will leave you. Maybe, they will not get bored, but they will get what they wanted to have, and that is enough for them. They keep moving forward and you should keep moving forward, and that is okay. Well, actually it is not okay, but it is as it is, and you will have to accept that, and you will have to keep living your life.

Source: Gfycat

It it is still on your mind, it is worth taking the risk.

This is also very true. If you want something, you will think of it, and if you are thinking of it, you should do it. No matter how risky it is, no matter how dangerous it is. No matter...

If you spend the rest of your life thinking about what you want to do, without doing it, you will suffer, you will be angry, you will have a lot of stress, you will feel bad.

That is why you have to do it. If you fall, that is okay, if you lose it, that is also okay, you will know that you tried it and that you cannot have it.

Source: Gyphy

No matter the situation, always wear a smile.

Even if you feel horrible, even if you are dead fromt he inside, even if you would love to be gone. Wear a smile. Always. Because of people. Because of people, who do not love you, and who would love to see you suffering.

Also, some scientists say that if you are smiling all the time, telling only positive things, and if you are pretending that things are going well, situation will actually get much better, you will feel much better, and things in your life will become better.

Now, I will put you here a couple more quotations, that I presonally love, and I hope that you will like them too. I think that following quotations do not need explanation. Actually, I think that you should undesrstand them in your own way, as someone once said, nobody can see what you see, even if they see it to. Simple as that. Nobody can explain those quotations to you, you have your own way to understand them.



I am not someone who is loved. I am an idea. A state of mind.

All it takes is one bad day.

They laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same.

They are only as good as the world allows them to be.

You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are.

Those were my favorite from Joker, I hope that you will like them to.

Why so serious?

This is a question of every single person's life. Why are you people so serious, all the time, every time, with strong reasons, with no reason, with a point, without a point. Why?

Is that really helping you?


Is that making your life easier, is that making you feel better, is that helping you realize something important.

I think no.

Answer to all those questions is simple. NO!

You will not feel better if you are serious and if you are not having fun. Just relax and have fun. Everything, when you can, go ahead, have some fun. Make your life simple, make your life easier. Make your life funny. Fun will help you stay normal.

Fun fill beat up your stress.

With a smile on your face you will see how things are getting better.

When you grow up...

When you are a kid you like Batman, you like him a lot, he is your hero. You would love to be like him. You dream of being like him one day. But..

What is happening when you grow up?


When you grow up you realize that Joker has much more sense. You realize that there aren't superheroes around of us. But, there are villains all around of us. Most od them are trying to hide who they really are, because of that Joker has sense. He is not hiding, he is showing who he is, and thanks to his attitudes about many things we love him.

We do not want to be like him, we have our code, we have our morals, we are kind. We are all kind, but he, he is pure. Pure evil? Well, maybe, but pure. How many people can say for themselves that they are pure? Not many of them.

As Joker said, we stop looking for monsters under our beds, when we realize that monsters are inside of us. And, we realize that when we grow up.

We realize that people actually are not as good as we are thinking they are while we are kids. That is why we love Joker, he can say that. We all know that, but we cannot all say that, and he can say whatever he wants to.

That was all about Joker for this article, if you liked this, let me know that. I can also write a bit aobut some other characthers. See you soon!


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Written by   151
7 months ago
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