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The Most Beautiful Guns of All Time

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8 months ago

Hello everyone, here is one article about all those, who love guns, and who think that guns are pretty.

In my opinion, guns can be very pretty. Of course, that is not the most important for a gun, but if things can be pretty, why not?

I will present you my list of the most beautiful guns of all times, and I hope that you will like them.

In case that you like guns like me, please let me know in the commentes below which one is your favorite one, but have on your mind that here we are talking only about how guns look like, not about how useful they actually are.

First one, the prettiest one

First one on the list will be my dafinitely favorite one of the all times. Tokarev-33.

There were many copies of this gun, many factories in many countries were producing this gun, but that is just not as good as the Soviet one.

Soviet Tokarev-33, the original one is definitely the best one.

All black, so elegant, so strong, so pretty, so powerful.

All in one. This gun talks for itself. And, if you ask me, it says 'I am the prettiest one ever'!

Source: Wikipedia

Here is the photo of it, but I am sure that you already know how this baby looks like. Of course, there are some other versions of it. With other colors, silver, and some shades of gray, but that is not it. Black one is definitely the most beautiful one.

I am now pretty sure that you realized how much I like this gun. And, it is okay if you do not like it as much as I do. I do not understand that, but I will accept it.

So, now, when we admired Tokarev, lol, we can move to the next one.

Next one, almost the prettiest one

Next one is Soviet submachine gun called PPSh-41. This one is a gun made in 1941. It definitely is not the best one, but it looks very nice. Of course, during the war we do not need pretty things, we need useful things, we need things that will help us win the war.

Shpagin is made in about 1.000.000 pieces and it was one of the symbols of Soviet army during the World War II. As I said, it was not the best one, because, if you drop it, it can shoot and you may be hurt, by your own gun.

But, when you look at it, you cannot say that it is not very pretty. That black pipe combined with wooden parts and the circle clip. Everything is connected and it has the perfect shape.

Source: Puske

It is a combination of modern and traditional, front part of it is modern and the gunstock is wooden and looks like gunstock of the some older guns.

Also, the trigger of this gun is very nice.

Let's go to the next

Prettiest revolver of all times

At the beginning of this part I have to say that I do not like revolvers at all. They usually look like the gunstock is not a part of it. Like it is not one single thing. Gunstock looks weird, on most revolvers, but.

There is always a but.

Nagant M 1895 is something special, something amazing, something different from all other revolvers.

This is very old gun, and it is better that other revolvers, but I am not here to talk about that.

Source: Wikipedia

There are even toys that are made to look like this one. Exactly like this one, and those toys are one of the most popular gun-shaped toys. All around the world.

Gun from the future

Gun from the future is definitely AT-44. In my opinion, this gun looks like it comes from the future. Here is a photo of it, so you can see it, and you can say, how it look like to you.

Source: Unknown

Again, it is Russian, and it really is amazing.

Something similar you can see in those Sci-Fi movies.

Once gaain, this is only my opinion, you may not like those al all, and that is okay. Different people like different things.

That was all for this list, I hope that you liked it. If you like some other guns, share that with us in the comments. If you do not like guns at all, that is okay too.

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Written by   151
8 months ago
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