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Short, but very Stressful History of Pandemics

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7 months ago

In this post today, I would love to talk a bit about pandemics during the history. I do not want ot scare you, to make you depressed or anything similar. I just want to show you that pandemics are well, something what is sometimes happening to people. They come, they are and they pass.

I want to tell you that whole situation with Covid-19 will pass, we will get our of it stronger. It is not the worst pandemic that our planet faced. Of course, I know that many people died, and that it horrible, and I am very sorry for everyone who did not make it. But, we will make it. We as a civilisation. We as a group.


Now, we can move to the short history of pandemics during the history.

Some pandemics were killing people even thousands of years BC In that period people had no madicines, they had not way to heal sick people, and they were not even sure what is causing those illnesses. When I say what was causing pandemic, I mean, were those some dirty animals, like for example rats, or maybe dirty water or something else. Of course, they did not know for viruses and becteria back in that days.

We had many examples for this, and here are just some of them.

  • 1200 BC Babylon influenza epidemic. As you can see this pandemic was happening about 3200 years ago. People in that period had no idea how to stop it, and how to help to sick people. Also, we have to know that back in those days there were much less people in the world. We do not know how many people died during this pandemic.

  • 429.-426. BC Plague of Athens. This plague was killing people in Greece, Libya, Egypt and Ethipia, and it killed between 75.000 and 100.000 people. 100.000 in that period was a lot of people. Plague is an illness that is easy to spread, usually it is caused by contacting with dirty things and animals. And, in that period, there was a lot of trash and a lot of rats on the streets. That was helping the plagua to spread very, very fast.

Before I move on, I have to say that in the past people were suffering from nay illnesses that are still not well known to us. All of them are called 'plague', that means something similar to illness. People in the past did not know what are viruses, bacteria... and only what they could do with illness is to call it a plague, and to pray that they will not get sick.

  • Plague of Cypran

  • Plague of Justnian

  • Roman plague

  • Plague of Sheroe

  • Plague of Amwas

  • Next one on the list, that I would separate from all those plagues is Black Death. This is a Bubonic plague, and it was killing people in Europe, Asia and Africa. The world of that period. The old world, or however you wanna call it. People those days did not know about Americas, Australia and other continents. This illness killed between 75 and 200 milion people that is between 10 and 60% of all the people who were living in Europe in that period.

Source: Wikipedia

This is just one photo that is inspired by Black Death. I will put you some more photos here.

Source: BPCA

Here is a mask that was used during the Black Death. This beak was filled with lavander, and they believed that the smell will keep them safe, because people who were sick were stinking.

  • The next one is The Sweats, this illness has many names, and it has killed many people.

  • We also have Great Plague of London, that was stopped by the fire, but before it was stopped it killed about 100.000 people.

I can also put many other plagues on this list, but I will not put all of them. I guess that you have mu point now. In the past people were sick, illnesses were everywhere, and people did not know anything about them.

After that we had pandemics of typhus and Spanish flu. But, while those illnesses were killing people , people had wars, and because of that they could not pay attention to pandemics.

What I wanted to tell you is that Covid-19 is horrible, and you may be suffering, you may lost someone, you may feel like you cannot cope with the situation anymore, but this will end. Sooner or not very soon, but it will end. We will survive.

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Written by   151
7 months ago
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I hope it will end soon dear.We are already tired of everything.Lock down will destroy economy. Last year was 30% more causes of suicide among teenagers and more murders inside families.

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7 months ago