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Serbian Songs Lyrics

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1 month ago

Hello all, again. I am really glad to see that we are all here again, I have written a couple posts since I am back here, but I have not told how happy I am to be here again. I really love writting very much, and that is the main reason why I missed this place a lot.

Today, I would love to write about Serbian songs lyrics. Actually not about, I would love to try to translete some songs to English.

This can be very funny, if you translate it literally, and this article is not meant to insult anyone, I am writting this just for fun, and I just want to make you laugh.

I will not translate whole songs, just some interesting parts of it.

So, let's start.

Trough plum groves and meadows

This song decides to be first on this list.

I will take only chours of this song.

"If you only knew, how I yearn,

While I am waiting for you, like hopeless.

To come to me, with a smile on your face,

Trough plum groves and meadows. "

Here is the You Tube link, so you can listen the whole song, if you want to.


Next song is called simply Pear.

Again, we will see the chours.

"Oh, lele why I did not kill myself,

lele why I did not kill myself ,

Under that pear,

Oh,lele why I did not kill muself,

there, where you fell on other man's chest."

There is the word 'lele' that cannot be translated to English. It is a shout in Serbian.

And, there is not a link for the whole song this time, because author of it is not allowing me to post it here. But, you can simply type Kruska in You Tube, and you will find this song. Kruska means pear in Serbian.

Older man

Okay, this one is very interesting. This song actually is for many couples, there are many women in love with an older man.

This is a song for all of them.

Again, chuors.

"What are you still waiting for, you are an older man,

enjoy at least the rest of your life,

I want your touch,

I do not want anyone else's,

I do not care if you are older than me."

Here is the link where you can hear whole song, if you want to.

And, that's all folks. That is it for this article. I hope you liked it, you found it funny. If you want to see the part II of this, let me know that in the comments below.

See you soon.



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Written by   154
1 month ago
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