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Rape is ALWAYS a Crime!

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8 months ago

I am living in Serbia, and I am very angry today.

One young and successful woman, actress, heroine, told that she was raped.

She was young, she was only 17 years old.

She was attenting school for actors, and her teacher raped her.

She is not the only one.

Many people, of course, supported her. Norlam people supported her. But, there are also many people who did not. And, many people, who are judging to her.

Can you imagine that? Someone is judging to the victim. Someone is saying that it is her fault, that she is telling that too late, because she wants attention, because she is a bitch, a slut, and many other horrible things.

Many people in Serbia, still think that woman, raped woman, can be guilty for the rape. Many people in Serbia still do not think that only one who can be guilty for the rape is rapist.

She is not the only one. She is famous, and there are many other woman, who are not famous, who are not brave enough, who live in small places, who do not have support.

Many woman are still quiet and they think that they are alone. They have to know that they are not alone, and they have to know thet they are not guilty for what happened to them.

Source: Indy100

All the women who have passed trough that have to know that they are still amazing, that they are not alone, that there is someone to help them.

And, that one who will help them is you.

You, me, he, she, we! All of us. All of us need to realize how horrible rape actually is, and all of us have to give support to women who were victims of rape.

Rape is not the only type of violence that women are forced to cope with, just because they are women. They are many times victims of violence at the work because they are women.

Many men out there think that it is okay to look, to say something, to touch...

Even if women do not want that.

I want to say somany things, but I am very angry and very upset because of all those things. And, I cannot tell even a half of the things that I am thinking of right now.

I will not talk about punishment now. I just want society to realize that every single violence against woman is a crime. It is not okay, woman is not guilty, and cannot be guilty.

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Written by   151
8 months ago
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Sometimes people expand the rape definition to something absurd. I don't think you do that here, but it is common. Rape is a crime, it means violence is used, or a threat of violence, or lies so bad that they destroy the woman. It is not a crime to look, to think, and let the thoughts being expressed in your face. It is not a crime to say something. It can be bad behaviour, a reason for the other to turn her back on you, but not a crime.

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8 months ago

That school of acting has been bothering me for days and attacking the victim. It is not clear to me that no one has discovered this villain before because it was his behavior that indicated.

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8 months ago