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New Year's Resolutions

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8 months ago

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! I truly hope that 2021 will be much better than 2020, to all of us. To the whole world. We are all passsing trough something horrible, and I hope that in the future things will change, and that we will be satisfied with those changes. There is always a rainbow after the rain, and we are in a rainy sesason right now. When I say 'we' I mean all of us, whole world. There must be also some good sides of this situation for example, we have more time for people we love, but I know that you are sick of listening about pandemic and good sides that it may have. And, I know that we all have lkearned something from this situation. And, I know that many people will change many things. And, I know that many people will pay more attention to things that are really important.

Because of that, I would love to talk a bit about New Year's resolutions. Some people are making them every single year. Some of them are to lose weight, to save money, to be less nervous, to travel more, to work more, to be more patient...

I have ever found some articles with lists of best New Year's resolutions. And, in my op0inion, that is totally nonsense. I cannot know what is good for you. You, in case that you want to have those resolutions, should do that by yourself. You know what you want, you know what you need.

What I wanna tell you is to make some resolutions that will make you feel better.

Not happy, not excited. Just good, and if you cannot feel good thanks to yuour resolutions, you should feel better than you are feeling now, before them.

To feel good about yourself, to feel relaxed, satisfied.

To know that you are good, that you are alright, and to know that you do not need more and more things to feel good. Of course, you will always want more and more, and that will make you happy, excited... but do something for yourself so you can feel satisfied, even if you do not have all those small things that are making you happy and excited.

I am sure that you know what I want. If you are not satisfied when you think of yourself, because you think that you smoke too much, drink too much, eat too much, spend too much... change that.

Simple as that. I know, someone will now say, it is easy to tell that, but it is not easy to do it. You set your mind in that mood. You do not need to eat that much, to drink that much, to spend that much money. And, when you repeat that to yourself constantly, things will start changing. You will change, your attitude about yourself and the world around yout will change. You will be satisfied. And, you will be proud of yourself.

I wish you to make yourself proud of you. I wish you to be satisfied with who you are. I wish you to be the best version of yourself. I do not know what is the best for you, but I am sure that you know, and I am sure that you will know how to get the best from yourself. Even, if you still do not know how to get it. Just look into yourself, look into your soul, into your mind and find new ways and new chances.

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Written by   151
8 months ago
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