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7 months ago

Let him who is without a sin cast the first stone!

Here, in Serbia, where I am living, we say let the one with clean hands throw the first stone.

There is also one more quote about this, and it says "Before you point your finger to someone, be sure that your hands are clean."

Jesus says "If you do not want others to judge to you, do not judge to other people.".

And, actually that is the point of many things. Do not judge to other people, do not watch what they are doing, do not try to find out where they have been, what they have done, what do they want...

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If someone is fat that is okay, if someone is skinny that is also okay, if someone has tattooes that is okay, if soneone has colored hair that is also okay...

Whatever someone is doing, and while doing that is not hurtining anyone is okay. It is totally fine.

And, you should not form your opinion about people by things that are not crucial.

You should stop thinking about things that are not crucial.

How people look like, what are they doing for living ( of course if it is legal), who are they in relationship with, who are their friends, what is their pet, how do they dress up... is none of your business.

In case that you are thinking of those things, and in case that you are judging to people because of those things, you will feel bad. You will be full of negative feelings. You will be angry, you will not feel good in your skin. Negative energy will be all around of you. And, that is not what you need.

Also, you will not change anything. People will not change because you do not like something about them. You can only annoy them.

I would love to hear what do you think about this? Are you judging to people? Are people judging to you?

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Written by   151
7 months ago
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