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Friday the 13th

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1 month ago

Hello all, again. I made another break, because, this time I had to fix many things in my house, and that took me a lot of time and I was really tired. But now, when the winter is coming, I will be spending more time at home, and I will not have any big things to do in my home, so I will write a lot more articles.

Considering it is a spooky season now, I would love to write a bit about spooky things. One of the most scary things is definitely Friday the 13th.

There are many horror movies about Friday the 13th, many people, all around the world are very afraid of this date. During the october 2021. we will not have a Friday 13th, but somehow it is always connected to Halloween. People like to connect simiar things, for example this spooky day and this spooky holliday.

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There is a whole horror movie franchise called Friday the 13th, and it is about a maniac, who goes round and kills people, while wearing a scary mask and a work suit. He is very brutal and sometimes it seems that he cannot be killed. Most popular killers from Friday the 13th are Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, but he is not the only one. First movie was relesed in 1980, and the last one in 2009. Anyways, we are not here to talk about those movies.

Now, let's move on to the point. People are afraid of number 13. And, now, we will see why.

Credits: wikipedia
  • First of all, 12 is whole. 12 is number of months in a year, 12 sings of Zodiac, 12 under touches in music... and many other things that there are only 12. 12 parts are making one whole things, one perfect whole thing. 13 comes after 12, 13 is excess, and because of that, people do not like it, and think that it is even bringing bad luck.

  • Hammurabi's Code does not contain 13th paragraph. Maybe, it has some purpose, maybe it was not planed to be as it is, or maybe it was lost as the time was passing.

  • Jesus had 12 apostoles, and on the secret diner there were 13 people, day after it Jesus was killed on the cross. And, it was Friday.

  • In some hotels, 13th floor is not marked and also 13th room. You have 12th floor and after it comes the 14th.

All those things are just some examples that are showing some of the superstitions connected to Friday the 13th.

There is not anything about all those things what would prove that Friday the 13th is really bringing bad luck.

There is also one story that says that Friday the 13th was day of sex. In the past it was a day when people were not doing anything, except making love and having fun. As you know, Christian church is not a big fan of making love for the whole day, specially if someone is not married and is not making love with his or her partner. So, many people believe that this is the main reason why Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck.

Many people believe that Christian church made all those stories and superstitions about Friday the 13th.

When you think a bit about this, this makes sense, much more sense than all other stories about this day.
I mean, we need 13, we need something to connect 12 and 14.

There is one more interesting story about days that are bringing bad luck. Italians believe that number 17 is bringing bad luck. So, for them Friday the 17th is worse than Friday the 13th. This comes from Roman number 17, which is XVII, when you change the order of characthers, you can get VIXI, which in Latin language means 'my life is over'. That is why they are so afraid of number 17.

Credits: Wikipedia

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Written by   154
1 month ago
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I actually like 13 and also 17 too.

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