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Four Got Up and Left

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1 month ago

A couple days ago I saw a reels video on Instagram, in that video was a girl, who was doing something, I do not remeber what, and she said "Yesterday, I was in a restaurant, and the place was packed with couples, and I was feeling a bit mischievous, so I took my phone, I was pretending to call someone, and I said very loud 'Girl your man is here with somebody else', four men got up and left".

Credits: Alamy

If you ask me, this is horrible. Four man from restaurant were there with their lovers. Maybe even more. For example if there were 15 tables in a restaurant, and she said that the place was packed with couples, one table was for her. We can say that there were maybe 10 tables with couples. And 4 out of 10 were there with lovers. I mean this is just my theory, maybe numbers are not real, but maybe they are.

What I am trying to tell is that there are many people who are cheating on their partners, there are men in this example, but women are also cheating.

There are many songs about cheating, many movies about cheating, many celebrities who are cheating...

A couple years ago I saw an article about cheating, and it says that in 1 out of 3 marriages and long relationships, someone is cheating.

Someone is in two relationships at the same time. And, that is the information for marriages and long relationships. What about short relationships? Is there more cheating or less. Maybe, there is more cheating because there is less love, or maybe there is less cheating because they had no enough time to cheat on their partners.

For me, it is terrible to see that there are many people, who think that cheating is not something horrible and who do not think that it has to mean the end of relationship. Many people would forgive the cheat and many people expect their partner to forgive them their cheat. I really do not understand that.

In my personal opinion, if you love someone, you also respect him or her, and when you respect someone, you are not cheating on that person. No matter what is happening, you are not cheating, you do not want other person, you do not need other person, you do not feel good with other person.

Of course, cheat is something what can happen. People can be unfaitful for many reasons, but if that happens, you owe to your partner to tell him or her that. You owe him or her to be honest, to be real. Person that you love, deserves your real you. You do not have to be a liar, if you are a cheater.

Credits: DreamsTime

Also, I do not understand people who can forgive that. I mean, if your partner is cheating on you, that means that he or she do not respect you, and if you forgive that, and keep going on with him or her, like nothing happened, that just means that you also do not reaspect yourself.

And, as we already know, only what you have for sure is you, which means that you have to respect yourself all the time, no matter what happens to you. No matter what other people are doing to you, you have to be good to you.

We can also talk about what cheating is, and what cheating is not?

For example, many people think that chating with other people is not cheating, that flirting with other people is not cheating, that kiss is not cheating, but in my opinion, every disrespect is cheating. Every disrespect is reason for break up, every disrespect means that you are not loved enough, and you deserve someone to love you.

Also, I personally think that cheating in not in someone's blood. You are cheating just because you do not love someone enough to avoind doign that, you do not respect someone enough because deep insisde you know that he or she is not the right person for you, and you do not want to put a lot of effort into something with someone, who is not the one, who is not your person.

This is just my opinion about this, if your opinion is different from mine, I would really love to hear it, so please, share it with us here.

Have you ever had this experience? What have you done about it? How you passed trough that situation? Do you have any advice for people who are passing trough that now?

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Written by   154
1 month ago
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