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Circuses are closed...

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1 month ago

...because whole world is one very big circus.

Circuses were attraction in past, and people were visiting them because they wanted to see something interesting, something what they could not see in real life often. People were doing crazy things in circuses, for other people's fun.

Nowadays people are doing crazy things all the time, everywhere. Why? For other people's fun? For their own fun? For money?

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If you ask me, they are doing those things because of their own value system, which is destroyed. Nowadays people think that many things are okay, even if those things are not okay at all. Those things should not be done, people should be ashamed of those things, but they do not think so anymore.

In the whole world, people are free to be 'free'. Let me explain this a little bit.

They are free to do anything, to steal, to kill, to sleep with many people, to dress up however they want to...

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And, they think that all those things are their own freedom. While doing all those things, people think that they are free. And, that is not true. They are not free, they are wrong. So many tihngs are nowadays wrong. That is why we do not need circuses anymore, we can see circus anywhere we go. We can see bad things, wrong things, people who are making fools out of themselves.

For what? For fun, fame, money...

If you ask me, it is not worth it.

There is not money that can buy you what you will lose when you make a fool of yourself once. Maybe many people will say you that you are great, maybe you will be popular, maybe you will earn money, but they will make jokes behind your back, they will not appreciate you. They will forever think that you are just a fool.

That is why you should think twice before you do something.

You do not want to make circus out of your life. I am sure that you do not want to, then, why are you doing that?

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Written by   154
1 month ago
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