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Big Brother is Watching You

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1 month ago

I am pretty sure that everybody has already heard about George Orvel, Britich writer, and his famous book called '1984'. This is a book written in 1948. and it is one kind of a prediction. In this novel, author is sharing his vision of future with readers. He is talking about 1984. and about man, actually about people who live in totalitarian country, who are working for the system, and who cannot raise their voice against the system.


Story is following one man, who seems like someone who is not important at all. He works his ordinary job (in one department, his job is to correct historical facts), and at one moment he realizes that he is not happy. He is not satisfied with his miserable life, and he wants to change something.

That is where his fight against the system starts. Thanks to that he was arrested, tortured and re-educated. After he is back from jail, he is good for the society, he accepts the system, and he keeps living his miserable life.

This novel is inspired by Soviet Union during the years after the World War II, and Joseph Stalin. Cult of personality, people who cannot change anything, people who are afraid of their state, all that seemed horrible to Orvel.

He was thinking that till 1984. everything will change, that cult of personality will take main place in some countries, and that people will become slaves.


That is the famous line from the book about 'Big Brother is Watching You'. Big Brother is country and You are all of us. You is people, You is man, You is you, he, she, me, we...

When we think about this book from this distance, and we now have a distance from 1948. and also from 1984. And, what can we say?

Well, we can say that we really had jails for people, who are against the system in some countries, we can say that we really had some people who were paid by the country to follow and watch other people...

But, what is more important, do we still have any of those now?

Is there still any Big Brother that is watching us? All of us. We all seem to be inessential, but there are some people, who are against the system, among us, are they important for the country? Which country?

In case that this is still happening, where is it happening, why is it still happening?

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Can we maybe wacth that from another angle, and maybe say that we all have a personl Big Brother, and that our Big Brothers are actually our smart devices that are collecting our data. Maybe, there are some people, who are following us via our smart devices. Maybe, some of us, who are interesting to some other people for some reasons, are followed all the time.

And, is there anyone, who is following followers? Is there a brother that is bigger than Big Brother. Who is the biggest brother. How can we know that? Maybe, all those are theories that have no sense, but what if they are not?

Yes, I noticed that my post is full of what ifs, and maybies and theories, but that is because I am not sure about anything, and I cannot be sure. I am just an ordinary person, inessential part of the system. I just think that this topic is very interesting, and I wanted to share my opinion, and my doubts with other people.

What do you think about this? Have you ever wondered are there really big brothers following us?

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Written by   154
1 month ago
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