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Your value will be still the same.. (story)

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1 year ago

I heard this story somewhere before so now I am thinking about sharing it with you guys.

A motivational speaker wanted to give example so he suddenly ask everyone who want 1000 rupees. All hands go up then he crumpled the money and ask who still want it? All hands were still up. He then crumpled the money more and ask who still want it. Every hand was still up.

Then he said i crumpled the money but everyone still want this because the value of money is still the same as before. No matter how much I crampled the money the value of money will still be same. There are people who crampled you more and more but don't care about them because they can't decrease your value.


You are beautiful and unique in your own way. Your value and importance is very much and you need to know this. No matter how much someone crampled you your value will still be same. Don't care about them because they can't decrease your value.

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It's nice and interesting story with great moral we have need always believed and love with ourselves

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1 year ago

You are right. Thanks for comment

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1 year ago