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8 ways to avoid laziness

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4 months ago

We are accustomed to doing the same thing every day. Do you want to go to the office at seven in the morning and return home in the evening? The last day to deposit money in the bank has passed. The day has passed thinking whether to go to the doctor again or not. Sometimes I can't do any work because of laziness. Due to laziness in urban reality and busyness, I can't do many things to do, in a word, it doesn't actually happen. It has become a habit. How to avoid that laziness?

SM Arifuzzaman, an expert in human resource management, advised to avoid laziness in career and personal life. "We're not really lazy, we're not motivated," he said. I get tired of doing the same thing every day. Just as we show laziness in our professional life because there is no liveliness in life, so our personal life has become colorless.

He thinks that the task of avoiding laziness can be completely controlled from our minds. SM Arifuzzaman is giving some advice to avoid laziness.

Stop blaming yourself

Ever seen quicksand? It is a habit to blame oneself just like swallowing quicksand when one reads something. The more you think about your own guilt, the more you will drown. Blaming yourself actually lowers your self-confidence. What is the problem at work, why is work late, why the quality of work is bad? Think about it, focus on the solution. Exclude blame.

Develop new habits

There are old habits, new habits to break. Laziness can be eliminated by developing new habits rather than eliminating the old ones. Start overcoming your laziness with small habits. Don't take the elevator today, walk up the stairs or read the whole magazine carefully. Get started today.

Get started easily

You want to run 10 kilometers every day for a few years, but you can't develop that running habit anymore? In the beginning, it is very difficult to make something big or difficult as a habit. Start with something simple. Run 10 minutes or 1 kilometer today.

Give three weeks time

It takes an average of 21 days to develop any habit. Do any work for 21 days in a row, then it will become a habit. Avoid elevators for three weeks in a row, use stairs. Can read books in the morning.

Understand the importance and need to share the work

Understand the importance of a job in your personal life and work. If you can share the work by understanding the importance and need of the nature of work, then laziness can be easily eliminated. If you start to think health is important, you need to go to the doctor today. If family is important to you, you need to keep the house clean and tidy.

Get used to the rules

I will change myself from tomorrow morning, no matter how much inspiration we have. We will always start running tomorrow, we always take such inspiration. The edge of inspiration doesn’t actually stay the same every day. If you make running a rule, you will see that whether your body or mind is weak or it is raining outside, you will run.

Work for today

Write down what you will do for today on a small piece of paper every morning. Do those tasks throughout the day. Work for tomorrow is frozen when today's work is not finished properly.

The habits that the subconscious mind can adopt

Every morning he wakes up and makes his bed and leaves the house. Make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

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Written by   176
4 months ago
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I wish I can apply this now. Our acad break is almost over and never have I studied during the days I actually need to hahahaha mind over matter but my mind is still on vacation mode smh huhu

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4 months ago