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Think about it !! Are you getting your due respect ??

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6 months ago
Topics: Relationship

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well by the grace of God.

The content of my article that I have set out today seems so simple to many that if you look at it with a little keen eye you will realize that it is never normal.Some of the very normal events that are involved in our daily lives are common to us.But the sad thing is how we take these things so lightly !!

🔸Because we have become accustomed to it.

How😔 does it feel to stand in the middle of a relationship when one's position is slowly declining and one's self-esteem is slowly disappearing?I'm wrong. Why should I put myself in that position? The situations that happen to almost all of us happen. I'm just trying to highlight those situations.👇

I'm slowly losing myself.  Where?  I don't know that myself.  Walking in an unknown way, without knowing it!  I don't want to, but I'm still walking.  Looks like it's dragging me down that path.  Which has no destination.  Who has no address.
These thoughts are not only mine but also the thoughts of many who do not even know what they are doing or what they should do.  Where is the problem?
The problem is lies;  The problem is deception!  The problem is in our own families, in our own people, with whom we have been living under the same roof for years but in their hearts we have nowhere to go.  We just gave them the times of life.  In fact, We have lost or wasted time in life.

Do you know who all your love should be for ?

You have to remember that once people make a mistake. Those who do the same thing over and over again are not wrong, they do it on purpose.

Most people have a bizarre plea, "I want to change my husband."

Listen, why are you !! where the mother can't change her child !!! No one in the world has the power to change anyone unless he wants to.

You can't change someone else. But you can change the way others treat you by making your own mind powerful and grounded.

So👉 keep an eye on yourself, not on others.

Even if you feed a cat, your sincerity and love for it will grow .

And even after 9/10 years of love together, how can people be so cruel and forget? Some people are very wonderful

Sometimes the person closest to you will do the biggest damage.

Sometimes you will see: the person you have loved for 9/10 years for whom you have cried so much all your life, he has no love for you.

Do you really know? That is why people are called "human beings", which means that they forget.

Sometimes these looks will be brought to the fore by your Creator after a long time; So that you can understand your pole.

By crushing your heart, Allah wants to make you understand that - as a friend, as your own, as a well-wisher, at the end of the day, He is your last refuge. The ones you have forgotten the Creator to get, they were never yours. As long as the interest was being met, your demand was in the market

If you leave it as tissue paper today ... It also gives the reason but that interest l.

You are also a human being. You are not a puppet that will play with you whenever you want, throw you away whenever you want.

>> When his mind wants, he can talk to you for hours, chat, go for a walk!

>>If you don't mind, don't even care about your needs.

>>Keep the phone off without saying anything, don't do massage scenes, don't care.

>>Will he be able to endure if you do these things?

>>When it is a little late to reply to your message, he starts to be careful.

>>Do you have to explain? Why was it so late to catch his call?

>> Well and when you keep calling for hours ... waiting for him ... desperately pleading for your words ... then?

>>He said he was busy receiving your call two days later, so he didn't want to talk to you!

>> Could he have tolerated that if you had done that?

>> Only you are obliged to explain! She is not !! Why?

👉 Because the weakness of your mind is your emotional anxiety.It was good that both of them were sitting.

But why would one have chains on his legs?

Why do you have to endure all this again and again?

There are about two people.But why should a person bear everything?

Who made these rules? You !!!

Year after year, your mental weaknesses have given others the opportunity to play with your emotions !!!

Fear of losing you all the time, the low personality of adapting to him has given him the courage to push you more firmly into depression.

"Even after all these years, don't you still love me? Don't you want to get rid of your mental anguish?"

But you see, I am so bewildered that when I raise my hand to get what I want, give it to me, give me money, get the man in my life.

If you are going through a selfless way, then who should give all the love ??

In all cases, have faith in the Creator ...

Is it a great blessing to be able to live in a healthy way?

Do you know what I believe? I believe👇

Love has never been an "entertainment" to me and was synonymous with responsibility.

He who loves me will never disrespect me and will never try to hurt or harm me in his imagination. But if he disrespects my feelings again and again, then what has become of my people ???

In the same way, in your case, does the person who has been murdered a thousand times for his words really loverevenge. No, never .

This does not mean that you will retaliate by harming him

For as many years as you have spent for family, society or your own children, from today onwards you give up the pursuit of those fakirs' charitable love. Sometimes you have to shake the tree to get the fruit. You have to shake the tree a little so that the people come down from the mentality of getting you cheap.

And afraid of losing? Tell me, did you get the tattoo? And after so many years of intoxication, you were in the throes of a dream, now you have regained consciousness and realized how shaky your position is.

If you can understand where the weakness is, then put all the hard energy behind repairing that weak spot.

Trust me, you will never have to cry again. Now tell me ... isn't it easy ??? I say it's not impossible, isn't it ??

And if you show me a simple hard argument, I'll say you don't have to suffer. Neither I nor the Creator Himself forbade you.

Just stay the way the mind wants to be. If you love to suffer, enjoy it. At the end of the day, life is yours, isn't it ??

I don't like to take revenge. I reduce the importance and increase the distance!


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Written by   124
6 months ago
Topics: Relationship
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Indeed, "love is not an entertainment, but a responsibility," i do hope some people will realize that before investing emotions and strengths. Respecting yourself is the key after all in getting respect from your partner, otherwise you will just destroy yourself. Thanks for this!

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6 months ago

What a nice topic i was enlightened your right we need to stand in our own we should not put out ourselves into something that we could see that we are useless or seeing ourselves hardened we should give also some respect to our self love our self because its the key for is to love others too. And its the Key to respect each and everyone too.

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6 months ago

Good afternoon Miss @Sujana, you have shared a pretty tough topic, but necessary to expose, because it is the reality of many people today. The Irish writer Osca Wilde said: "To love oneself is the beginning of an adventure that lasts a lifetime". And this is where it all begins, dear, in self-love, because we see so many situations like the one you comment, because we look for love, where there is only a temporary attention, and we forget to love ourselves, to value ourselves, to take care of ourselves, thinking that others will do it, when it is the opposite, until we do it, nobody will do it, we must give us our value, our position, move away from the place where they are hurting us, where they are not giving us the necessary love or affection, where our presence has no value whatsoever. And we can not only limit ourselves to the sentimental, but in all areas, friends or family. If there we are left over, then we should retire, life is too short to become bitter, to waste time in things or situations without any sense. Very good writing yours, I felt the passion to write it, you are a great writer, our respects and admiration.

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6 months ago

Hello @virtualvariety ! Good Morning.Thank you for your comment and I agree with you that we have made ourselves worthless by going to give value to someone else. So we have to love oueself first and build our own position.It is foolish to expect others to do my assessment if I do not do it myself.

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6 months ago