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Hello everyone ,

I hope everyone is well.

The subject I am going to write about today may seem very simple to many or many of you may think that you know about it but there are many who do. Those who have just joined and may not know it or there are many who have been working for a long time but are not aware of it as much as I am.

People do not find a way to solve a problem until they face it.When I encountered this problem I found the solution and that is what I am going to share with everyone.

All right, don't talk too much. Come to the main point.

This is the problem with the account transaction problem .The problem is that when you go to transfer your crypto from wallet, the transfer doesn't happen very often and shows a message.

The problem is that when you try to transfer your crypto from, the transfer doesn't happen much and shows a message. This is ...

Many of us become very restless. Even after trying again and again, when the same message keeps coming, it actually becomes a matter of concern. Because for those of us who are working on these sites, it's a big deal that the crypts are stuck here and can't be transferred anywhere. Since we all work very hard on these sites. We value every penny.

I let my cousin join and later she comes through me user name @Nadia143 . You are asked to install wallet from Because you have to set a bitcoincash address in As usual she installs Wallet.

Since BitcoinCash Wallet needs to be set, she sets the wallet address in felt good to her.

As a result, several benefits are available together. That is, the BCH's of both and are stored in one wallet.And a special feature of is that you can transfer your BCHs from wallet to other crypto transfers.

Pic:Send my money option
Pic:After clicking OTHER CRYPTO

It was February.My cousin sister came to visit me that day.

When she wanted to withdraw BCH dollar from wallet, there was no withdrawal.Repeatedly a message came that "There was an error sending your funds" .

Then we thought we will try again after a while. We tried this all day but I could not withdraw in any way.

She was very disappointed because her income was stuck here for about two months. She thought that maybe this $BCH will not be able to withdraw any more.

This message clearly mentioned that if there is such a problem, to contact Sir @Omar has helped us a lot to solve this problem.Thank you so much sir .

After seeing this message, he asked her to send an email to many of us do not know how to send emails. There are certain rules for emailing. However, Sir made a draft of the email to us.Then my cousin sent the email.

The email she sent was ...


I am writing regarding a problem I am having with my account.

I am unable to give tips or to withdraw BCH from my wallet.

I am getting "wrong response format, response code 413".

I tried closing the browser and logging in again but that did not work.

My username is:


Please help.

Thank you.

& The reply to that email we received...

Follow this article to import your seed into wallet and send it from there:

The problem with using as a wallet for is that noise creates lots and lots of small outputs (coints) and wallet can't process that.

Picture:Sending emails And receiving e-mail replies

The reply to the email was a link to an article from Sir @Telesfor which details how to set the seeds of your wallet in wallet and get your wallet back with money.

I'm trying to summarize the whole process here 👇🏻

Go to your profile and click on ✈ "Backup My Wallet" then click✈ "show your seed phrase". Clicking here will display the seed phrase of your wallet

Then write down your wallet seed word phrases.

Then go to wallet.It is good to mention here that when you set up any wallet you use in wallet, you must click + Add and then click IMPORT WALLET and type 1 to 12 word recovery phrases correctly.Then click✈ IMPORT WALLET .If you want the new wallet that you have imported, you can save it with any name.

It was a brief sample of the whole process🤓

If you want to know the details of the whole process, click on the link above to read the whole article of Sir @Telesfor and find out in detail.

In addition to just having that BCH stuck in the wallet, it is often seen that our account may be logged out by mistake or for some other reason. Then if you know this recovery seed phrase, you can easily get your used wallet back. And having a wallet will no longer be a fear of losing that BCH.

And if you know the solution to these wallet problems, you don't have to spend a lot of time emailing. If you have a problem, you can solve it yourself without any worries.

I like to say that I learned a new thing after this problem and later I solved the same problem for a few more & users myself.As a result, they too can learn and learn a new thing.And I am hopeful that after I publish this article, many more like them will know about the solution to this account transaction problem.

So why are you late today and now write down the recovery seeds of your wallet and rest assured.

Oh !! yes ,Remember that the recovery seeds in your wallet must not be shared with anyone else.By doing this you can lose both your wallet and money.

Thanks for reading my article :)

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Written by   124
5 months ago
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I tried to import my wallet when I log in my account on another device. I ended up creating a new wallet. Thanks for the explanations and illustrations. I will go through Telesfor's post too, to read more about it.

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5 months ago