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No one can stop using Bitcoin cash & My dream project with Bitcoin Cash

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6 months ago

Bitcoin prices are rising day by day, analysts believe that Bitcoin will occupy the economic market in the future.

Although Bitcoin Cash is an improved form of Bitcoin .So I think I should give some idea about bitcoin first.Then I will definitely discuss about my dream project and how bitcoin cash has changed me and how I have gained freedom.Okay, but let's move on to the main point without exaggerating.

The price of a bitcoin in the current market at the time I am writing this article is


Recently famous electric car maker TESLA bought quality Bitcoin worth about 1.5 million and according to them in future you will be able to pay for Tesla cars through Bitcoin.

Many ATM booths have been set up in Canada and various European countries where you can transact with Bitcoin.Bitcoin has already been legalized in countries like the USA and Canada.

Not only Bitcoin but also its alternatives like ethereum, Litecoin, MONERO, ripple and alon mask which are being tweeted more and more. Dogecoin is also a very popular cryptocurrency.

But there is no reason for Bangladeshis to be so happy because the government has not yet allowed Bitcoin to be legal in Bangladesh.

I will try to highlight my article on why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming so popular and in which countries Bitcoin is legal and how a mainer can benefit from Bitcoin mining and what is the current status of Bitcoin in Bangladesh.

We, as the currency of Bangladesh, money is a physical currency.It has a body because money is made of paper so you can touch it and transact through it. But Bitcoin is a digital currency that means It basically has no physical existence meaning you can't touch it.You can't feel it because it exists digitally.However, you can make digital transactions with it.

However, some exceptional bitcoins have physical entities.It's a bit like a coin but you can't use it unless it's in the code of a private code.

Without that code, the bitcoin has no value.

This type of digital currency or cryptocurrency was common before but the concept of Bitcoin has become the most popular. In 2009, a man named Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper.But no person or group named Satoshi Nakamoto has been revealed yet.

He has kept his identity secret or the group through which he has made it public.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.  In Bangladesh, when you transact with money, the responsibility of regulating this money must be in the hands of Bangladesh Bank.They determine how much our reserve currency will be , What is the value of money , What is our inflation rate?All these regulations are made by Bangladesh Bank.The most striking feature of Bitcoin is that it is not controlled by any central bank or central government.You can also buy anything from America using Bitcoin in Bangladesh.But you can't buy anything from America using money from Bangladesh, you must transfer money to USD dollars and then do this process.

#Bitcoin has no problem with this type of conversion.

#Since it is not included in the regulation of the government, you can get many benefits from it

#Your identity will be kept secret if you reveal it yourself

#While this is an advantage for you, it may be due to some inconvenience for the government Because these bitcoins can be used for any drug or smuggling transactions.That is why in many countries there are many problems to legalize Bitcoin.That's why Bangladesh has not yet legalized Bitcoina.

#Everyone likes power, especially power that has the opportunity to be applied to others.The government will lose some of its power over the use of Bitcoin because neither the government nor the central bank will be able to monitor it as it is not possible for third parties to monitor or show the power when making user transactions.This may also be a special reason behind banning the use of Bitcoin.

#Cryptocurrencies have no inflation. The number of these coins is predetermined, so they can no longer be printed like money. Different countries are trying to increase their purchasing power in the international market by printing more of their currencies openly or secretly, resulting in a currency war. In cryptocurrency this is absolutely impossible.

This can be a huge loss for rogue politicians.

#But the most amazing and funny thing is that despite the use of Bitcoin being illegal, its use is increasing day by day and people are getting motivated to use Bitcoin and earn various online jobs. Especially and are 2 very popular Bitcoin Cash earning platforms in Bangladesh. This has created a lot of Bangladeshi users and they are inspiring and campaigning for people to use bitcoin cash in various places like colleges and universities. They are even making and distributing T-shirts with Bitcoin logo, distributing various poster banners among the people.

#These things are happening and all these things are happening in front of the government. The government must be aware of this but there is nothing to do because Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that can never be blocked because people are benefiting from it and therefore its use can never be stopped.

The government can ban the use of Bitcoin but will never stop its use because a certain section of the youth is involved in Bitcoin and there is no way to stop them.

Now the concept that I will talk about is that many people can compare Bitcoin as a share or a stroke But that's not exactly it.You see how much money is equal to one dollar but it fluctuates a lot of times

$1=84/85 in Bangladeshi  Taka

These fluctuations are very small and you can see another rate today and another rate tomorrow but We can catch these fluctuations at a stable level But how much will Bitcoin cost? It's a lot like stock, meaning it can fluctuate a lot depending on demand and store.That is, it is not stable.Prices fluctuate erratically based on supply and demand.

The reason why people are now more inclined towards Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

The current economic system, that is, the banking system or the state of the stock or the stock market, lowers people's confidence day by day.

Why are people attracted to cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a popular topic. Not only is this a different monetary policy, but it also frees us from the clutches of the government. This money is completely free from government control and bank charges. It is faster, more secure and can never be stolen or damaged and can be shared in any number.

Another advantage of cryptocurrency is that it controls the digital economy with a high level of security. More interesting is that there is no need to be a victim of any kind of fraud or deception in the management of transactions through this system. Also managing these transactions takes less money than the banking structure or system.

One of the main attractions of people buying cryptocurrency is that it is an ever-changing market. Although there are some downsides. However in this time market it is very profitable and therefore attracts investors to invest here.

People are more comfortable investing in bitcoin:

You will see many people who do not want to keep money in the bank is what we call unbank population.The money of that number of people is not being used in the national economic or economic field.Such a huge amount of money, which is rising from investing in your economy.

Because people can't trust your economic system.

But when you give them bitcoin, they are so sure that they can use it in various transactions despite the high risk involved.They can use it as currency and if they want to use it as stock they will take their risk.

Many times the decisions of our common people do not match the decisions of the central bank.

That's why people are becoming more dependent on bitcoin and have confidence.

That's why people trust Bitcoin more than our conventional currency, and since your identity is completely hidden here until you reveal your identity, people trust Bitcoin more..

But many have the misconception that countries where bitcoin has been legalized are not taxed by the government.

In many countries, however, the government deducts taxes. You will have to pay tax on whatever you earn in bitcoin investments.

Now the question is whether the same bitcoin is legal or illegal in Bangladesh??

If you look at the countries marked in red, the use of bitcoin is illegal and  Bitcoin is legal in countries that are green, but the funny thing is that Bitcoin is legal in almost all countries.

But for some reason Bitcoin is still illegal in our sub-continental countries.Maybe the crime rate in these countries is much higher than other countries.That's why the central banks may have to go through a lot of trouble to legalize bitcoin.

Countries that have legalized bitcoin such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA those who have Bitcoin users in these countries have been told that whatever you earn using Bitcoin should be added to the government tax.Income tax must be paid.  You can't make money from bitcoin just by cheating the government.In other countries, including Bangladesh, where bitcoin has not yet been legalized, the government may include money earned from bitcoin with income tax And can give legitimacy.

Types of Bitcoin:

You may have heard that "Bitcoin can be traded quickly with a small fee" - but now due to the huge popularity of Bitcoin, the network is having problems.  As a result, it takes half an hour to an hour for transactions to be confirmed and the minor fee has increased a lot.  Paying a low fee will take a long time to confirm your transaction, or not at all.

To overcome this problem, miners have upgraded Bitcoin and divided Bitcoin into two parts . One is the old bitcoin and the other is Bitcoin Cash.Bitcoin Cash Network will be upgraded.

Bitcoin Cash Updated version of Bitcoin

I chose BitcoinCash. Why !!?

Before I tell you why I chose Bitcoin Cash, you should check out this interview at @RogerVer then you'll understand why people are so interested in using Bitcoin Cash and what are the benefits of using Bitcoin Cash.

**Because using Bitcoin Cash, you can be your own bank and have complete control over your money. You can send money 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world, because the internet network is always open.

**Send money anywhere in the world, almost for free.  Unlike credit cards there are no automatic other unexpected fees.  There is no scope for fraud and the network is free for less than a penny for Bitcoin cash transactions.

My first acquaintance with Bitcoin Cash was and later  While I was there, I wasn't too worried about Bitcoin Cash or I didn't appreciate its value, but after I entered, I started to have a lot of questions about this coin and there are many reasons why these questions were created.

After creating an account in Noise Case, our first task is to create a wallet in wallet.

The main twist is here

It really amazes me when the dollars in my bitcoin wallet go up as the price of BCH goes up because I have never kept my BCH in wallet before and have never had a chance to realize this and I am much more than that.  I got excited to stock And hold BCH.

Some sweet memories:

Later a best friend of mine gave me some bitcoin Cash as a gift and asked me to put it in my wallet.

He explained to me how I can hold Bitcoin Cash and enjoy its benefits. wallet works like my bank and BCH my cash.Thank you so much my friend.

🔸 still remember sir @Telesfor writing in a post on  that "I don't want to see dollars in my wallet I just want to see bitcoin cash in my wallet wallet".

To be honest, this post and this statement of his have touched my heart.

He wrote in another post that "Bitcoin Cash doesn't get rich overnight . Bitcoin Cash gives people financial freedom".

Bitcoin cash has given me that freedom

I call Bitcoin Cash a life-changing coin, because Since earning BCH I have been able to meet my small needs on my own and I have learned how to hold bitcoin cash and use it at the right time.

And from that freedom I say I have a future plan with Bitcoin Cash .No matter how big or small the dream is, my ability to dream has created this ability BCH.And the main source of this dream is the contribution of Bitcoin Cash, whether it is fulfilled by my country's currency or the dollar.

My dream best

💚 I want to open a boutique showroom

My friend told me that "you are someone who does good too other people, to the extent that you sacrifice yourself. Maybe too much, in the long run you have to be for yourself"

These are the words I always keep in mind and try to put into practice and from the very beginning I have the idea of ​​this boutique showroom.

Through this one showroom my few dreams can be fulfilled together.

Through this showroom I will be able to create a business of my own just as I can be financially prosperous myself and some people will be able to work in this showroom with me & they will also be financially prosperous.

And I believe that if a person gets financial freedom, his whole family involved with him can enjoy that benefit.I can fully understand this because when I got freedom financially my family is enjoying a lot of benefits and others like me will benefit in the same way.

I keep my BCH in the wallet which is always floating in front of me in the form of dollars and when I need it I can convert it into my country's currency even though bitcoin is not legal here yet but I am hopeful the government will legalize it in soon because

And I will arrange to pay the price through bitcoin in my boutique showroom.

Now even though online shops around the world are making huge profits, my boutique showroom must have an online system and there is Bitcoin Cash to pay the price.

There will be a tag like this outside my showroom.

Wow !!  Just thinking about how a different kind of joy works in my mind

The biggest advantage for me is that I can complete my transactions with Bitcoin Cash in less time than the time it takes me to convert Bitcoin Cash into my own country's currency.

As a result, people in remote areas of the country will be more motivated and more interested in using Bitcoin Cash as they will get the lowest transaction fee.  Secure transactions.  Maximum privacy.  Will be able to complete the transaction in a shortshowroom

Other ways and transactions can be done, all these processes are zero to Bitcoin cash value.Bitcoin cash is the best cryptocurrency in the world.

At that point I might as well say that I don't want to see any dollars in my wallet I just want to see BCH in my .

Welcome all of you with my dream project to read this article of mine and thank you to those who patiently read my article.


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Written by   124
6 months ago
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Well gone through it, really long articles from earning to fulfilling dream,From bitcoin to bitcoincash. Till date I don't have dreams relating to my futures when I read others I feel like making one. But again I feel why to give effort let it be, I will go with the flow of time.

Keep it up, my dear

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6 months ago

well, a long post

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5 months ago

Thank you very much. You have shared a registration with us. The only role BTC & BCH plays in Bangladesh is the only one, no one knows how much we Bangladeshis suffer. You have highlighted our problems. The politics of our country is a part due to which BTC & BCH will not be able to advance. Due to which we are in a lot of big losses. I especially like the plan of your dream. If you can implement it in Bangladesh. Will increase business with BCH and pay through BCH. Thanks again for sharing the registration.

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6 months ago

I choose BitcoinCash also because it has a lower fee when transfey to other wallet and it very comfortable yo use at what you've said we can sens anytime anywhere i will it will progress more and at the moment im holding XRP too since the price is going up too.

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6 months ago

You are right. I do it too.

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6 months ago

Hehehehehe sujana tell me the truth how much you give time to write this post Wow So much long post how I read it, 😂😂😂 okay let's read it I know can not read it in an hour 😂😂😂 but I will read it completely

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6 months ago