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Motherhood Is A Sweet Unfinished Journey..🤰🏻🤱🏻👩‍👦‍👦

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7 months ago

What is Motherhood? I am sure anyone who has tasted motherhood can fill it with their own experience.Really it will be based on your busy schedule all day can sometimes fill words like frustration or clutter or confusion.But there are some moments that make me think I can smile alone and its sacred vision strikes my heart deeply and just then probably the moment when kids fight with their toys.

That’s the nature of describing motherhood. It’s never just one thing, cemented into the dictionary, but is rather a moving cacophony of adjectives and emotions and realities that one day will sound exquisite.

Sometimes the story of everyone's motherhood does not have the same effect. Someone had to endure more hardships in motherhood, someone had to endure less hardships in motherhood. These will ever make your point of view laugh and cry and will finally remind you that you are not alone in this journey.

Many interpret motherhood in many ways;

A visit to the women's groups on Facebook shows that each of them has different experiences with motherhood.

"A roller coaster of highs and lows, tantrums and hugs, and some of the best laughter and silliness around.

Some say:

The most incredible adventure of your life! –

God's gift. –

Sometimes pure joy and sometimes pure heartache! –

The most important and fulfilling thing I have ever accomplished.


The greatest, hardest journey of my life.

My greatest adventure.

Full of the biggest life lessons I have ever learned.

For me :

Different every day. Heartbreaking and restoring. Draining and rewarding. Fun and hard. Tedious and surprising. Gross and full of beauty. Work and play. Most of all: worth it and full of love going both ways.

The feeling of motherhood is not from the time the baby is born, the taste of motherhood starts from the feeling when the baby first exists inside you.

Even after going through so many ups and downs of the whole pregnancy, when the nurse first brings your newborn to you after giving birth, the pains are so sweet after seeing her face that only a mother can feel.

"Motherhood is. . . a crying, perfect baby boy, fresh from heaven and placed on my chest--not by a doctor but by a courageous birthmother who wanted me to be the first to hold him. 

Motherhood is a tiny but mighty baby girl, born looking up at the sky, bruised and purple across her forehead from a tough entrance into the world.

Motherhood is to me that when I do something on my mobile, the two of them gossip and discuss something among themselves and want to see what my mother is doing on her mobile for so long. Sometimes I get very angry at them and want to lose control but there is also love in them there is some effort to control myself.

Motherhood to me is like the cover of a book whose hard cover is me and the pictures painted on that cover are my childrens.

Sometimes I'm flexible, sometimes I'm tough. Motherhood is for me to become the only God who knows who I can be. It’s pretty much the hardest sense refinery fire that has been around a lot of times when I’m not sure how I’m going.

Motherhood is unfulfilling days, gum in the carpet, pee on the bathroom floor (again), and temper tantrums that never end. But it's also snowy walks hand-in-hand, bedtime talks that burst my heart, and a little boy with wild hair, running towards me with his arms open after his first day of school. 

Motherhood is heaven and hell, hard and holy.

Motherhood is Fariha and Fahim" My childrens.

I knew what it meant to be a daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, friend, foe, wife, lover, follower, leader, but I didn't know it. This is the mothering role. This view of mine in the mirror of femininity is what can be said about her but she will not know until she has set foot in this area and spread the path under her feet. That lady, she was new to me in a familiar way. I could see my grandmother, my mother, my mother-in-law. But he was a completely new and ancient creature, this manifestation of the mother in me.

I've seen them go through all the stages of becoming a mother but never felt them but those symptoms were in front of me but it didn't change me until I experienced it myself.

I want to highlight those experiences :

"Motherhood is ... a nakedness. Sudden ness is a slow expression. It's discovering an idea about yourself that was previously unknown. I knew before I was a mother that I had deep connections and emotional skills ... but first From push to positive pregnancy test to last push, I don't know if I knew the level of brutality for another person, the level of weakness and fear that I could feel for another person, the secret to carrying the mystery of the echo The song, which is currently in a baby I carry in my womb I did not know how barbaric and how persuasive I could be at the same time.I did not know I was in my soul, in the change of my body, in every wobbly and thirsty and so selflessly, my I can completely swallow what I have completely swallowed in my own life.

Little did I know that I could endure that kind of suffering, when the inner world and the outer one became a gap between the veil of my own flesh and the initial desire to tear my own body to release the other. Little did I know that I could be sewn together again and then sit on those stitches to deliver my breasts to my newborn. Little did I know that I could laugh this hard at kids pre-Christmas antics. Little did I know that my heart could be broken at the audiology booth. Little did I know that I could hold the baby screaming while he was sewing his lips back together. I didn’t know I could cheer this out loud in any dance competition. Little did I know that a list of spelling words could bring me to tears of excitement. I don’t know if the term ‘pediatric stroke’ will try to beat me. Little did I know that I could give up completely and that it could be selfless and completely selfish at the same time, everything went well for my child. Now I do.That is motherhood.

Seeking motherhood :

"Motherhood is ... -loving beyond explanation -

Giving more than you have -

Receiving less than you deserve -

Finding parts of you that you never knew existed -

Loving through pain, grief and sadness -

Loving through happiness, joy and laughter -

Living with expectations that are too high "

The first word in the mouth of her child seeking motherhood is to call her "mother"

Motherhood is an expectation. When love can come very close to the child will form a friendly relationship that I am raising my very best friend . I am more optimistic that all the challenges that bring joy in motherhood and in that I become a better person.

It’s always easy to look back and connect the dots.I was only 20 years old when I got married at a very young age. I knew I would be a mother at the age of 22. I was a student then. Honors 2nd year student. My mother was alive then and she fulfilled all my responsibilities. I still do not understand the experience of raising children. I couldn't figure out what was happening to me but my mother died in 2014 and my education started from then on. Everything happened in my life so instantly that I didn't realize it. I am random with my own education, the responsibility of the child. My daughter is now ten years old. If I look back 10 years ago, she was a 10-month-old baby. She was very friendly and affectionate with my mother. My daughter loved her very much. My mother died when my daughter was three years old.

My son is now two and a half years old and he has a deep connection with my father a connection that no one his age will be able to process.

When my father saw my son for the first time, a big smile appeared on his face. It seemed that he had found his reflection in my son and he said I have a beautiful little head there, a big smile on his face.

Motherhood is the most demanding, rewarding yet liberated, full, tidy, tireless, exciting and exciting job you will have. Your boss is relentless. Never let you sleep The family delays you for family gatherings. Spit-ups and puppies on you. But you get the most innocent smile. He will hug you when you are secretly crying on the stairs (which apparently was not so secret). They will love you with unconditional love that knows no limitations and is involved in such innocent and sweet love. And with a love that is strong and authentic.

When life presents you with an opportunity, take another 5 minutes and ask yourself: Did I say this, what should I do, should I wait, or can I run with life in hand? 5 more minutes may seem like a lifetime to your kids but it’s a blink of an eye in the real world. Motherhood wants me 5 more minutes to call my dad and cry when problems get worse. Motherhood is taking your failures as success. Motherhood is selfless and inferior. It is claiming to the point of crying out in frustration, exhaustion and pain. Motherhood is a 5 minute quiet time and a glass of wine to invigorate your existence. Maternity is another 5 minutes. "

"Motherhood is ... sacred, relentless and daily. It's a lifelong sacred profession - a chance to see both miracles and mistakes every day. It's the most tiring and exciting journey of my life." As an active duty military wife, this is a complete hack.)

Motherhood is the most important job. Motherhood is a reward, motherhood is an honor and although all these answers are very simple but motherhood is very difficult. It takes turns and turns that I never expected. Not all of motherhood is in me, I have learned that my role as a mother

Motherhood is my choice to break, connect and play every day. Every single day of motherhood I struggle and try to reconnect with my children. Motherhood is full of laughter and moments of absolute panic. Every day, I offer the revelation of a whole person who is the holiest in life - and I am almost grateful for this ungrateful work.

Motherhood is a job I have always wanted to know.

"Motherhood is ... everything in a word. When your baby is ready to start the day by pulling your eyelids, you have breakfast very early in the morning?" "It has long hours of wiping your baby's nose, baby's tears and baby's buttocks, tidying up the bathroom, tidying up the bathroom, showering, joking, snowing, kissing, cleaning, patrolling, checking homework, making food that your kids will partially eat. , Read bedtime stories and what do I mean by cleaning up? And it’s a long night of cluster feeding, nightmares, searching for monsters, and cleaning up accidents.

But with all this work, motherhood presents you in a way you can't even imagine. It teaches you patience, selflessness, humility, grace, humility and unconditional love. It pushes you and spreads you into the person you wanted to convey to and that is something that makes you want to be a better person. . . For them.

It has opened my eyes to what self-care actually is and how serious and fun it can be. Every single day motherhood gives me the opportunity to practice as an adult the kind of prayer that goes deep into my soul to become a child. Motherhood has taught me how to grace my own imperfections and I love myself to the fullest, shoulder to shoulder with my own children.

Motherhood is an act - one that is displayed every day with humor, attachment, generosity and love for everyone in my home. "

Motherhood is always OKay even if something goes wrong with her. If anything happens, OKay. If all goes well, it's okay. Everything from your breathing to your breathing and everything that happens every day is OKay

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Written by   124
7 months ago
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Registration is admirable in one word. I have seen the form of motherhood in my sisters, they have tasted this motherhood in every way from the beginning. Mother's place is above all. The world is on one side and mother is on the other side. The path to motherhood is not so easy. Thousands of obstacles are overcome.Thank u sister ❤

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7 months ago

There is no one in the world who can compare with mother's love.No matter how many obstacles or sorrows come in life, a mother never fails to love her child.

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7 months ago


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7 months ago

I am a mother also i enjoyed reading your article,its mean a lot to me very inspiring content ,hope you doing well god bless you more,🙏

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7 months ago

Thanks for reading my article and for making such a nice comment. Truly we who are mothers, have the love of motherhood mixed in their blood. I have tried to publish some of it through my article.

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7 months ago

Thank you so much for your blessings mam its a very big help to me, yes i am looking forward for your another article.. Godbless you more🙏🙏🙏

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7 months ago

The writing has become impossibly beautiful. I have been touched by your writing. You have written the impossibly beautiful 🥰🥰 mam 🥰🥰. Good luck to you mam.

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7 months ago

Thanks for making such a nice comment and hope to be by your side all the time.

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7 months ago

From your heart! I loved the article

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7 months ago

I tried to present some of my experiences from the heart and I'm glad you read my article and you liked it. Thank you. 🌹😊

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7 months ago