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Frank Caprio's Viral Court: Where Love Matters

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8 months ago

In today's world there are many discussions about crime control. Sometimes we think that the only severe punishment is to keep people away from organizing crime. When it is seen that the teenage boy is facing a terrible punishment for a minor crime and is not able to give a second chance to his life, then it seems that he wants to have a chance to sort out his life to reduce the crime! Today I will tell the story of a court where the rule of law is implemented, but also gives people a chance to learn from the free.

"I don't wear a judge's badge inside my clothes, I wear a heart inside my clothes."

Listening to the above sentence, surely you are going to guess, today's article is about a judge? The protagonist of this story is named Frank Caprio, who was born in Rhode Island, USA. He is also the chairman of the Rhode Island Board of Governors. He is currently a judge in the city of Providence.

He is currently working on issues covered by the traffic law. It is regularly promoted for public awareness in a program called ‘Cut in Providence’. From there, a video of one of his trials went viral and in a short time it got 15 million views. Currently, the program has around 300 million views, which is why it is tagged as a 'viral court' worldwide.

96 years old trial!

The 96-year-old man is sitting in the courtroom. The allegation against him was that he did not comply with the speed limit of the vehicle in the school zone. Judge Frank Capri did not rule on the allegations. He did not even hand over the fine papers. He asked the accused, what happened that day? This is how the stories begin, because this different judge of ours thinks that the court is not only a place for judgment, but also a place for telling people's stories. In that series, it is known that the old man has a son, who is 63 years old and he is suffering from cancer. He has to have blood transfusions every two weeks, and that's why he drives this car from time to time. The same thing happened on the day of the incident and he has been included in the case for very little speed manipulation.

The judge was surprised to see a father's sense of responsibility. And instead of enforcing the maximum of law against such a wonderful father, he dismissed the case by issuing a warning. He will not be able to reduce his father's responsibilities, but he will be able to put his hands on his head with absolute compassion and give some encouragement to move forward. He did just that, embracing the old father with love, compassion, and the fragrance of justice.

The story of a Syrian mother

To escape the terrible clutches of war, a Syrian family seeks refuge in America, accidentally the housewife of that family, the Syrian mother of our story appears in Caprio's court. The lawsuit was settled out of court. Because the mother could not speak English well, her young daughter Masha appeared in the role of translator, which won the judge's heart. Then, as always, Caprio first asks the accused in the case if he has anything to say.

The Syrian mother said that she still did not understand the speed limit of all the roads and could not pay much attention to the speed limit because Masha was ill!

After hearing all this, Frank Caprio called Masha and asked her about his studies and future plans. The girl said she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, adapt to the new country and new environment and move towards a better future.

When the parents and Masha finished talking, Judge Caprio said as usual, "Dismiss the case!" As well as saying to all of them, "Welcome to America!"

Here Caprio did not just put himself in the role of judge. He has given courage to move forward on the path of a family dream; Reported

"You are not alone, we are by your side. Even if you don't go back to Syria, you know, this is your country too!"

There are many more such cases, we will see if we notice a little, not punishment, the purpose of this judge is to close the crime factory and I think it is possible only with love, at least Caprio thinks so.

Is the law being ignored in forgiving?

Such a question, of course, has been asked many times. Because forgiving everyone over and over again does not mean establishing justice. That is why the details of the trial were being revealed, so that the way to get the answer is easy for everyone and then soon everyone will get the answer. In almost all cases, the convicts were fined more or less. Now a question may arise in our minds, if we have to pay a fine, then why is love coming? There has been a trial, there has been a punishment - this is the usual image of the court!

But that is not the case. Justice Frank Caprio's trial is held almost daily and there are fines and penalties. In many cases, the convict was actually the victim of the situation and in these cases Caprio himself paid the fine on behalf of the defendant. However, it is not possible for him to pay for so many cases alone, so he has an international fund called Philomena, where many people from home and abroad send money.

This is how Justice Caprio embraced people with compassion. It may not change the society much, but he is doing what he can. He believes,

"Even a small thing can change a person's life."

This article is about the viral court of Frank Caprio and the unique procedure of judgment & verdict.





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Written by   124
8 months ago
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A good story, I did not know about this.

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I was able to tell you something new. Thanks for reading my article

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