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Conversations via group call with some old friends in an attempt to inspire the use of BitcoinCash .

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7 months ago

Hello everyone I hope everyone is well and by the grace of God I am also very well and mentally very satisfied !! Do you know why? How do you know !! Now I am sharing with you. Because I know that until I write everything, I will not sleep at night.

Today after many years I was chatting on Facebook with some friends from university then we decided that we would talk with group call because everyone was very excited to talk together.

We were talking in a group of six, two of whom were unmarried and the other four were married

Then we all started talking and talking about everyone's experience, marriage life, career, children, family ect.

When we talked about our profession, everyone started introducing their profession. They all work. Only I don't do that job. But I said I work They thought I was doing nothing. Is it a job to write !! Someone told me, you didn't do the job. What is the benefit of learning to read !!

That's when I got very angry and I started talking. I don't know where so much power came from in me.

I asked them what is the plan of your life that you are doing this job. They answered in simple language. What will be the plan of life again? I am working. I am earning money. With this money I am carrying the expenses of the family, I am paying my own expenses and I will save some. I said it will be difficult to live with what you earn, how to save? Plan to do something extra.

And I asked my two unmarried friends why they are not married yet? They also easily answered that it is not a little tidy. Be it promotion in job, salary is a little baruk then I will think about marriage. Bieto is no longer a small matter, you have to do it today and tomorrow. If I get married, I have to have the ability to fulfill all the responsibilities of a family, that is, I have to have that kind of money

Then I gave them a small example

What is the difference between those of us who are working in and those who are doing job?

We have studied for many years in the hope of getting a good job. I am taking job with bribe again. Guys, this is an investment for my future. But gives us the opportunity to earn without investment. Job seekers work from 10 am to 8 pm. Overtime, hoping to get a little more money. I would say, do everything but work with Because you don't have to work overtime. The moment you think I want to work will be the time you work. What will I do?

will write the article. article !! No, no, I can't. I said: OK, no problem. There is another option for this. That is noise. cash. Those who think it is not possible to write a big article, they are Where we can post short.

My friends say how much more money can be made by doing these things.

My mood got worse I said what does a little money mean !? You work in the office for so many hours that you get paid and you can earn good income by working on these sites without having to pay any fixed amount of time.

I asked them do you know anything about cryptocurrency do you know anything about bitcoin cash? They said yes we have heard but do not know much about it.

What I needed to know most was not to know them. Because I know a thousand more about cryptocurrency and bitcoin cash than they do.Because when you talk to someone about something, if you know more than the person in front of you, it will be much easier for you to explain it to him.

Then I gave them a link to an article I had written about cryptocurrency and bitcoin cash and told them that if you read it well then you can get a complete idea of ​​what bitcoin cash is and how to use it properly.

And I gave them some motivational speeches.I mentioned some of it..😅

When we say currency, we only mean money, dollar, rupee which we have heard all the time

But read.Cash has given us a great opportunity to earn Bitcoin Cash. Has given you the opportunity to establish yourself on this platform, And what is Bitcoin Cash as long as you are working on this platform! How much of an impact it can have on your life and how excited you can be to use Bitcoin Cash is never realized unless you enter this sector.

You write the article. Write what you know. You present what you are and you spread the talent in everyone.

And when it comes to bitcoin cash payment systems, you'll be incredibly excited because it's so easy and so low a transaction fee.

How do we usually transact money through banks? We have to suffer a lot and pay a lot of VAT to the government but in this case I am independent, my money will be in my wallet and no one will ever be able to hack it. Even if my mobile is stolen, I can get my cryptocurrencies back with my recovery keys anywhere in the world. I don't know if there are any more transactions in a simpler, safer world than this.

You can make bitcoin cash transactions from anywhere in the world where one minute will not cost. Then how much time will I save? Think about how much less work, how much safer my currency will be?

So why are we running after money or dollars and making our lives more dependent on others. Why can't we own our own currency? Why do we have to do this flattery to save our own money at everyone's doorstep. We never think about this.

Opportunity does not come all the time in our lives. There is a certain age, a certain time for you to establish yourself, to create something new within yourself and I would say now is the time. Take advantage of this time now. Join or Earn bitcoincash. The world has come a long way. You also have to move forward. Otherwise you have to be ready to kick in the door

If it is true! Nothing to do!

If you do something, don't give me a penny, and if I don't encourage you to do something, I won't lose anything. But you will miss out on a great opportunity in life

At the age of 20-30 we make the most mistakes of our lives and this year will reshape our lives! How many hours you will work after thirty, where you will go around, who you will go with, what you will travel with will depend on these ten years of work; Everything!

And that's why these ten years are prime time for you and me!

This year you can party a lot if you want! You can upload a hundred pictures a day with your son and daughter on Instagram Story!

In these ten years you can go on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend at a five star or seven star hotel if you want!

In these ten years, if you want, you can buy one bike or a new mobile every year!

In these ten years, if you want, you can buy a suit worth ten thousand rupees instead of a suit worth two thousand rupees to keep pace with the trend. You can buy sneakers for ten to fifteen thousand rupees instead of sneakers for fifteen thousand rupees!

In these ten years you can order food from Food Panda every day if you want! You can go to a new restaurant every day to eat.

Again, read if you want. You can create thousands of content in ten years in cash, you can create a good position for yourself. Can make money.

If you want, you can work on any subject day and night for 16-17 hours.

You can get to know a lot of people if you want, so that your personal network can grow.

You can be a bitcoin investor if you want, you can use it to set up a business.

Ten years! A thousand opportunities! A thousand roads!

But the decision is the same! What are you doing What will you do? Which path did you choose?

I started my planning With working And earning BCH . Now you decide your planning.

In the end we all decided we would all meet this week and discuss in detail. Wow we have finally reached a very nice conclusion in Assam.😊💝

After publishing the article I am writing, I will give my friends the link to read this article because those who say they do not know how to write an article need to be taught that you can record every moment of your life in the article. will give you so much freedom without cheating.

This is the greatest quality of a writer that I have learned from after many mistakes.A lot of mistakes then I learned that the purpose of the is not just to make money by writing articles but working with a specific currency is BCH or Bitcoin Cash.The main purpose is to inspire people to use Bitcoin and spread the word about it and to replace Bitcoin Cash as the number one currency in the world and now I love BCH and my life goal is the same.That’s why I can tell everyone with so much confidence I am a BCH user.

Yes, I admit I made a lot of mistakes. I am still getting the punishment for that mistake.

Although I have joined before and I have joined later but if I differentiate between these two sectors then of course my position is much better. Because the mistakes I made in, I didn't make a second time

Ever since started correcting my mistakes, I have received a lot of encouragement and help from everyone.It was also a big lesson in my life because when we make mistakes and get a chance to correct those mistakes there seems to be no greater achievement in life and I am still hopeful that will forgive me and my profile Activate again and TheRandomRewarder visit my profile. Read my own written articles and will also encourage me and this is my submission to administrator.

Stay positive Stay Strong! Have a Good Night Everyone.

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Written by   124
7 months ago
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Thats nice miss @Sujana.. I've learned a lot with your article... Thank you for sharing bch to your friends... And i really believe that bitcoin cash is a bright future for us... Take care always...

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7 months ago

I have learned so much lessons on your article. I am learning more about bitcoin or other crypto currency . Thank you for you wonderful story about how you encourage your friends. Godbless you more and take care always..

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7 months ago