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❤ (BCH) We look forward to seeing your golden day again🌹

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8 months ago

If you buy Bitcoin or invest in any other investment or mining site through Bitcoin, you have to keep 100% risk in mind because Bitcoin cash rates go up and down. It is possible that today's rate will be $800 a week later you will see $500 or increase it to $ 2000

So if you can take 100% risk then you can have 100% profit and ___ the most intelligent are those who buy bitcoin and keep it in stock when the price goes down. Which we call money holding. And if the price goes up, we invest or use it. For the last few days BCH price has been skyrocketing. I will call those days the golden days of BCH. But today many people feel like that day has vanished into darkness.

But I don't think there's anything to be disappointed with me.

Because when there are a lot of clouds in the sky, the surroundings become dark and after the rain falls, the clouds move away from the sky again and the earth is illuminated. Similarly, the golden days of BCH that we have seen may be a little dark in the clouds, but again that cloud will shine like the light of the sun and illuminate the lives of all of us.

So I would say never give up now to use the time and keep BCH stock in your wallet and use it later and me and we are all with BCH, not BCH is with Us..

All is Well ..😍😍❤️BCH

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